How to Enjoy Kyoto Sightseeing in the Rain

January 11, 2019

How to Enjoy Kyoto Sightseeing in the Rain


By, Yuka Yamazaki, Taiga Fukushima and Riko Adachi



You came to Japan with great pleasure but may feel you cannot enjoy it if it is rainy. Since Kyoto sightseeing has a lot of tours to temples and shrines, you may get wet by rain. There are many places to enjoy in Kyoto without getting wet in the rain. We will introduce three spots that you can enjoy not only in the rain but also when it is sunny.


Kyoto Station


There is a roof at Kyoto Station and it will not get wet. Also, because the station building is right next to you, you can go without getting wet with the rain. There is an underground floor (B1 and 2) and a department store called Isetan that has 11 floors. Since the two basement floors in Isetan sell delicious groceries, you can also go for lunch and dinner. There are lots of delicious things, so you might get buy too much. Female cosmetics and ladies’ clothing is sold on the 1st to 4th floors, men ‘s clothing is sold on the 5th to 6th floors, and children’ s clothing is on the 7th floor. You can purchase clothes in Japan without going to many various places here. You can also buy clothes and socks for the rain here. Also, there is Kyoto General Tourist Information Center on the 2nd floor ,so it will be helpful as it tell you what is going on. On the 10th floor there are lots of ramen specialty shops where you can eat delicious ramen from all over Japan; it is called Lanno Shodo. There are many kinds, so you can choose your favorite ramen. Furthermore, if you pass through the underground shopping street called Porta in front of Kyoto Station, you can enjoy shopping without getting wet with rain.

There are many shops in Porta in the underground shopping mall. There are fashionable cafés and delicious Japanese food shops, and there are two popular Starbucks stores. Why don’t you drop in at the food street in the underground shopping area if you are hungry. You can also go to the big shopping mall called Avanti by passing through the underground passage. Of course, the underground shopping mall has a roof so you can go to your destination without getting wet by the rain. Avanti has not only clothing stores but also various shops. First of all, there is Don Quijote on the second floor. Don Quijote handles various items such as electric appliances cheaply, It is possible to purchase sweets for souvenirs in large quantities cheaply, as there is a 100 yen shop on the 3rd floor. As its name suggests, you can buy it for 100 yen each. On the fourth floor there is a fashion center called Shimamura. Sincee it is very cheap and there are various kinds of clothes, People rarely suffere from what souvenir to get for their friends and family. And there is anime shop on the 6th floor. Many Japanese anime goods and manga are sold there. People who like animation can enjoy enough just by dropping in here. Even just going to Avanti, you can enjoy shopping adequately. You can also go to the Yodobashi camera by passing through the underground passageway. There are many Japanese appliances in Yodobashi Camera, so how about checking them out? How about a rice cooker  as a souvenir for your family?

Tsuruya Yoshinobu


Are you interested in making Japanese sweets? Are you interested in Japanese sweets?

One of the famous Japanese sweet shops is Tsuruya Yoshinobu. Tsuruya Yoshinobu is a traditional Japanese confectionery shop. Although you can purchase many sweets in the shop, there is also a tea shop  named Kayuuchaya. One tea set here includes two kinds of freshly made seasonal confections and a green tea. It is very popular. In addition, at the counter you can see how carefully craftsmen make each of the confections you ordered. In this shop, you can eat not only Japanese sweets. This shop has zenzai, shiruko, kinako jelly and green tea ice in season. This shop is near the Imadegawa Subway Station, so you can go there after sightseeing. If the weather is rainy you can enjoy after the Manga museum or Kitano Tenmangu.




Teramachi Kyogoku


The Termachi Kyogoku shopping arcade is a short walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station. If you go from underground at Kawaramachi station and use exit 9, you can get out to the shopping street without getting wet in the rain. There are many shops in this shopping arcade where you can eat at various cafés and eat delicious rice. First of all, there is a shop called Taiwa Tampa where you can eat delicious small balls. The recommendation of this shop is that you can eat 6 steamed fish bunkas at 380 yen. Since the temperature will be cold on the day when it is raining, we recommend that you warm up by eating these warm balls.


The next shop we recommend is SHIN-SETSU, Cream Soda Specialty Store. There are 24 flavors of cream soda in this shop, so you can enjoy your favorite flavor of cream soda. Since it is colorful and beautiful, I strongly recommend taking pictures of your soda. Please try taking many photos foir Instagram. The most popular is the classic melon soda. You can enjoy cream soda of various tastes and colors, so stop by and have a look.

Our next recommendation is café Mumokutikikafe. This shop uses healthy Japanese ingredients such as okara and konnyaku, and a meal that is healthy enough to make you full is attractive. It is a salad and pork cutlet using okara and konnyaku instead of meat, but it is tasty and of course it is tasty and has satisfactory eating habits. It is a shop recommended for those worried that they have come to travel to Japan and eat too much because they can eat healthy rice with Japanese ingredients. In Teramachi Kyogoku, there is not only the rice shop, but also game centers and karaoke boxses that can be enjoyed, and there are many sundries shops. Here you can enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto without getting wet with the rain.


Did you find a place to enjoy on rainy days? Kyoto has places to shop a lot as well as temples and shrines. If you would you like to experience shopping, perhaps these places are good to visit on a rainy day.

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