Sizuya in Kyoto

November 25, 2019

There are a lot bakery shops in Japan. Especially in Kyoto, there are many bakery shops. “Sizuya” is the representative bakery shop in Kyoto. A lot of people who live in Kyoto are familiar with this bakery. We well profile the quality of “Sizuya”, the bread of “Sizuya” and the history of “Sizuya”. If you get more information about Sizuya you will surely go there and love it.

Quality of “Sizuya”

Good taste is the basis for making good bread, but Sizuya works on the principle that they are also “making a bread that is good for a body”. They always try to take care of “health, safety and support”. Because they want children to grow up health and safe.
So they take pride in these 3 qualities.

1. They don’t use a synthetic yeast.

Bread needs yeast in order to ferment and rise. This process, in turn, needs to feed the yeast. Some yeast products have many additives, for example bromine acid potassium, which has risks of carcinogenicity. However, Sizuya uses fermented barley extract, a contain lots of nutrients such as polyphenol and oligosaccharide.

2. BMP is combined in all bread.

BMP is base mix powder. Base mix powder is a natural product that consists of combined minerals (-malt and oxygen-) so the bread of Sizuya always contain lots of calcium. This has a high nutritional value.

3. Sizuya does not use refined salt, which has a chemical composition, but natural salt (akaho no amasio) in all their bread. Natural salt is unrefined salt that contains bitten and the bittern brings out the natural flavor of its ingredients.

As I explained, Sizuya works on making bread that is good for body. They make bread while bringing out the fresh, natural flavor of its ingredients. So Sizuya is loved by everyone in Kyoto, where they have can run their bakery for 60 years.

The bread of Sizuya

Sizuya is the representative bakery shop of the Kyoto. Especially, “carnet” and “beef cutlet sandwith” are popular items. These are called soul food. At first, I’ll introduce about “carnet”.

This is the “carnet.”
The carnet, a soft onion flavored roll, is the most popular food at Sizuya. There are some secret points that make it so delicious. The first point is the onion, which is very crisp and a little bitter. The crisp texture and mildly bitter flavor accent the bland taste of the roll. This onion is different of thickness in a season. It is important that a sense of crisp. It become too spicy if the onion is too thick. And more, bread become too wet if the water of onion. Onion of “carnet” is very important. Second point is the original margarine. This margarine having a mild taste. The seasoning of the “carnet” is only margarine. Therefore how to spread and quantity of margarine are decided in detailed. Third point is the bread. This bread is the French bread in the style of Germany. “Carnet” is originally “Kaisersemmel” of Germany. Therefore this “carnet” is very soft bread. And more, there are “carnet” that the flavor of pepper is popular, too.

Next, I’ll introduce about “beef cutlet sandwich.” This is the popular bread, too. There are some secret points that is delicious. First point is the sauce. This is the original and taste of salty-sweet. This sauce become accent of the taste. Second point is the taste of dear. This “beef cutlet sandwich” is just as that used to be. Third point is the toast. This toast is baked. It become crisp and a savory by baked. Fourth point is beef. It is used two-ply beef. The reason why is chewy. It is more have chewy by using two-ply beef. And more, it is important that how to fry. It become hard beef if the beef too fry. Therefore using a timer to take a time.

Next, I’ll introduce about the recommendation bread in this month. This bread is strawberry taste. In the bread, there is strawberry cream. And more, a taste of strawberry cracker is on the bread. The flavor of strawberry spread in the mouth.

The history of “Sizuya”

Sizuya is started by Makoto Hori in 1948. He started it for people in Kyoto, because he was born and raised in there. His business policy is “Take good care of deliciousness in Kyoto, Kawaramachi.” He wants them to eat delicious food, therefore Sizuya has many branches throughout the cities in Kyoto even other prefecture. He ran the firm under private as a bakery and a confectionary. After three years, he founded and made a start the joint-stock corporation, Sizuya. Do you know why he chose the name, Sizuya? Actually, he is a devoted husband. His wife’s name is Shizuko. Therefore he named Sizuya after his wife, Shizuko. Little by little, his business is headed in the right direction. A color television was presented to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the founding the Sizuya. In addition, he donated the shopping district in Kawaramachi and some associations to a contribution and an ornament. Because of the donations, he was officially commended by the Prime Minister. After that, Sizuya added branches steadily one by one. Now there are more than nineteen branches in Kyoto. Even if times are changing, Sizuya has been loved by many people. The reason is people his policy “Take good care of deliciousness in Kyoto, Kawaramachi.” from him all the time.

Sizuya has been loved for nearly 70 years not only by people who live in Kyoto Prefecture, but also tourists. The reason is they always have the founder’s policy “Take good care of deliciousness in Kyoto, Kawaramachi.” in their minds. In other words, Sizuya always thinks of consumers. Consequently, they have three qualities: They use a natural product to feed their yeast, BMP is combined in all their bread, they use only natural, rather than chemically enhanced salt. Moreover, they came up with various ideas to eat deliciously. For example, carnet is the most famous food in Sizuya. It uses onions, and they are particular about the onions.

You feel like going to Sizuya, don’t you?
If so, LET’S TRY IT!!

Great Bread around Karasuma Station

by Kensei Iizuka, Yuta Kobayashi and Takanori Tsuhako

As you know, Kyoto has a lot of traditional Japanese food that is popular with tourists. However, do you know that bread is really popular with people in Kyoto? In fact, bread consumption in Kyoto is No.1 in Japan. The reason why bread is so popular in Kyoto is due to its connection with craftsmen. There are a lot of busy craftsmen in Kyoto and bread is really easy for them to eat when they are working. In this article, we are going to introduce some great bakeries near Karasuma Station. This area is really flourishing so you can find not only bakeries but also many nice shops such as souvenir shops, clothing store and so on. Enjoy the metropolitan side of Kyoto and great local bread in this area.




Sizuya is a famous bakery, which since 1948, has captured the hearts of Kyoto residents. Anyone who was born or grew up in Kyoto can’t but love their bread. There are 22 locations in Kyoto prefecture and the site that we visited this time is located in Shijo-Karasuma in the very heart of the city. This shop is very accessible as it is inside Shijo-Karasuma Station, and you can find it quickly as soon as you exit from the ticket gates. The most famous bread in Sizuya is the Karne -a sandwich with ham, fresh onion and soft margarine. It is very simple but delicious.




Shinshindo is known as a bakery pioneer in Kyoto. It was established in 1913, making it 35 years older than Sizuya and the oldest bakery in Kyoto. There are 12 locations in Kyoto; however, some stores don’t just sell bread. Some have a restaurant where you can enjoy lunch or dinner, and others have a coffee shop inside where you can enjoy super fresh bread and excellent coffee. You can walk there in about 5 minutes from Hankyu-Karasuma Station, so you can take a break and enjoy great bread and coffee before or after exploring Shijo. The most popular bread in Shinshindo is said to be their rich buttery croissant. Outside is very crunchy and the inside is super soft. The beautiful flavor of the butter spreads out in your mouth as soon as you bite it. It must be one of the best croissants in Kyoto.


Grandir Kyoto


This bakery has a cool and trendy appearance with a simple black exterior, and inside there is a wide range of bread on display. Grandir Kyoto opened about 30 years ago and specializes in bagels and panini. People who want to eat a nice bagel or fresh panini should visit there. There are 5 locations in Kyoto and also 3 locations in Nagoya. The shop that we visited is near Kyoto-Shiyakusho-Mae Station (Subway- Tozai Line) and is easy to get to from Kawaramachi or Karasuma. When you open the stylish door and go in, you are surrounded by the pleasant smell of fresh bread. You can choose from a lot of different kinds of bagels as you can see in the photo: cocoa, cream cheese and so on. Just picking which bagel you want is fun. You can also order fresh paninis which the shop staff make to order in front of you. So, you can enjoy a really tasty fresh panini there.


Kin-iro Kyoto

Kin-iro Kyoto, was launched just recently in April 2018. It is getting a lot of attention from young people. There are only two kinds of bread, both of which are cream buns. One is called kin-iro which has rich cream and plenty of Canadian honey. It looks really gorgeous because it is decorated with pieces of gold leaf on the top. The other cream bun is called kuro-iro. Kuro means “black” in Japanese, so it is a black cream bun with cacao and coffee in the bread dough. Inside of the bun, you can taste Guatemala coffee’s honey in the custard and cream made from high-class eggs from Oita prefecture. The harmonization of the bread dough made by cocoa and coffee with the rich cream will blow your tongue away!

Kyoto Bakery Market

This bakery is perfect for people who are downtown shopping and don’t want to walk around too much just to find some decent bread. It is on the 7th floor of Marui Department Store near Kawaramachi Station (Hankyu-Kyoto Line). The best thing about this store is that you can find a selection of great bread from various bakeries in Kyoto. You don’t need to spend time and energy going to each bakery to sample their speciality bread. Also, you can take a break and have a coffee in the rest area attached to the bakery. In other words, here is like a culmination of what Kyoto’s bakeries have to offer.

【Information for Sizuya】

Sizuya is in front of the subway ticket gates in Shijo Station. You can also easily access it from Karasuma Station on the Hankyu Railway. The ticket gates are on the lower basement floor. If you come from the ground level, please take the stairs or escalator down. The opening hours are from 7:30am to 9:00pm, and they are closed on January 1st.

【Information for Shinshindo】

You can walk to Shinshindo in about 5 minutes from either Karasuma Station or Shijo Station heading north-east. Diagonally opposite, there is a park that has a playground. Shinshindo has lovely trees and plants, so you can easily find it. Opening hours are 7:30am to 8:00pm. The days when the bakery is closed varies.

【Information for Grandir Kyoto】

Grandir Kyoto is a smaller bakery than others. The closest station is Kyoto Shiyakusyo Mae (Kyoto City Hall) Station; however, you can walk from Kawaramachi. If you go there from Kawaramachi, please head north. It’s about a 15-minute walk. This bakery is next to Kyoto City Hall. You will see bicycles parked in front of the bakery. The opening hours are 8:00am to 7:00pm. The days when the bakery is closed varies.

【Information for Kin-iro Kyoto】

Kin-iro Kyoto is on Sanjo Street. You can walk from Kyoto Shiyakusyo Mae (Kyoto City Hall) Station (10-minute walk) or Kawaramachi Station and Karasuma Station (15-minute walk). The bakery doesn’t have any space to eat inside. The opening hours are 11:00am to 7:00pm. The bakery is closed on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

【Information for Kyoto Bakery Market】

Go to the 7th floor in Marui Department Store, which is on Shijo Street opposite the Disney Store. There are lots of tables and chairs where you can eat. If you are tired of shopping, you can take a rest here. Opening hours are 11:00am to 8:00pm. The bakery is closed when Marui is closed.



Kyoto bakery


Kyoto is said to have the highest bread consumption in Japan. Kyoto has many bakeries and the consumption is the best in Japan. It is also known that there are many delicious bakeries. These are some recommended bakeries.


Le Petit Mech

The most popular bakery in Kyoto is “Le Petit Mech.” It is a bakery with a nice look like a bakery on

France’s street corner “Le Petit Mech.” The appearance is red, and local people have nicknames it “red mech.” It is a popular, delicious and tasty bakery shop. The shop is crowded with customers all the time. The bread is made by the owner, who was trained in France. French pastries are acclaimed around the world.

Business days are Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays. The inside of the shop is fancy, and decorated with many French images. French movie posters are on the walls, along with messages from customers from all over the world. There is an eat-in space with red gingham check tablecloth, and it is crowded with lots of people from early in the morning. Either with coffee or French beer, you can have delicious bread. The most popular pastry at Le Petite Mech is “Bacon Shrimp” which includes bacon, shrimp and black pepper.  This is so simple, but so popular in this bakery.

Next is baguette. This bread is made with a low temperature, so the smell is very good with a crisp exterior.

This bread costs 262 yen and it is 60 cm in length.


Kyoto City Kyoto-shi Kamigyo-ku Imadegawa-ku Oomiya Nishi Ima 159 Roh Minami Kitaokicho

To go to this bakery, you take a bus [203] and get [go to Nishikibayashisyakomae] bus and get off at Imadegawaoomiya bus stop. Then, continue 140m on foot.


Grandieres Oike

A long-established Kyoto store is “Grandieres Oike shop”.

“Grandieres Oike shop” has a chic, calm and nice appearance. It is a long-established bakery which has been beloved in Kyoto since long ago. While taking over the old taste, it continues to make more delicious bread every day.

Various types of sandwiches are popular. This shop in the business area has many breads and good for lunch. For example, a burger with plenty of ingredients. You can also eat the bread you bought on the outside terrace. There are many kinds of delicious breads. The variety of breads is said to be the best in Kyoto. The most popular bread is “panini shrimp & avocado” for ¥460. Shrimp, avocado, cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, and basil sauce are included.

Bagels are also popular. They have a very nice scent and the  texture is wonderful. It is recommended to use the bagels for sandwiches.



Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Nakagyo-ku Teramachi Oike Shimuru Ueonbonnji-mae cho 480-2 1F

To get to this bakery, you take the subway Karasuma line, and get off at the Kyoutoshiyakushomae station. From this station, 2 minutes on foot.



Another popular bakery is Tamakitei. This bakery is in Uji.


Inside the shop is filled with the fragrance of freshly baked bread. It looks like delicious bread. There are lots of bread with individuality and impact. Every one seems to be really tasty. Although I don’t usually have such strong urges about food, in this shop I want to eat everything. One of the popular breads of the shop is “Panshue”. This is bread baked with a lot of bacon and potatoes. The taste of pepper, garlic butter, and parsley is makes it a flavorful meal. A fragrant, tasty baguette is another attractive specialty. Even though it has a deep taste, there is lightness, and when you start eating you won’t feel like stopping until the bread is consumed.

Also, the “cream croissant” is so delicious. It costs 230 yen. It has handcrafted custard and cream. This bread is campagne, so it is very delicious. This bakery is the only one that uses these ingredients.  In addition, this bakery has a refrigerated corner. There is bread available only at this refrigeration corner.  There are many breads with unique names such as Kanyane (クニャーネ), Ujibashi Dori, and Tan Tan France.  Kanyane has a very good texture. Ujigashi dori smells of tea. Tan tan France uses black beans. so, you can feel the taste of Japan. Please do try it once.



〒611-0011Kyoto Prefecture Uji-shi Gokenjo Hirano 57-14

to get this bakery, you take JR Nara line and get off at the Oubaku station. From this station, the bakery is 5 minutes on foot.


These three bakeries are so popular, but in Kyoto there are other delicious bakeries. When you visit Kyoto, please try to go to bakeries.



HACHIHACHI — A Unique Kyoto Bakery

by Ayaka Murai & Daichi Hatakeyama

The owner of the HACHIHACHI Infinity Café, Koichi Yokota, has a very special feeling about bread. So he decided to open a bakery in Kyoto.

His café looks tasteful on the outside, because it is in a 90-year-old traditional Japanese house. The owner made the interior design with the help of a foreign artist. The motif of the interior is Japanese-style rooms. So the café has a very relaxing atmosphere. Yokota didn’t want his shop to be too bright, so he thought carefully about the lighting design. Japanese’s eyes are generally black, so they get used to bright light. On the other hand, foreign eyes are blue, so it is harder to bask in bright light. So, the shop is fitted with darker-than-usual Japanese lights.


All of the breads at HACHIHACHI’s are made with natural yeast. The bakery provides bread that is healthy. Many customers come here to buy bread that is good for them and that also tastes delicious, so Yokota makes breads to satisfy the needs of his customers as much as possible. HACHIHACHI’s breads are German and about 20 different kinds are made here. Many customers say that some of the breads have a deep aroma and a rich taste, and that they can only appreciate such flavors at HACHIHACHI.

Although HACHIHACHI is located in a downtown area it is surrounded by trees, so the yeast for the bread dough grows very well—it grows as if the bakery was in a forest. Yokota uses organic ingredients (organic rye, for example) to make his products as healthy as possible. So he makes his own truly original bread. He writes down the recipe mixture on some price tags. Occasionally, he answers special requests from his customers. Yokota takes good care of his clientele.


Going to HACHIHACHI can be difficult for first-time visitors. It is convenient if you use the Kyoto city bus (6, 46, 201 or 206). The bus stop is Senbondemizu. It is a five-minute walk from the bus stop to HACHIHACHI. You walk in a residential area. Look for a spot covered with green. Go straight down the street surrounded by green trees, and you will find HACHIHACHI’s sign easily.

If you look at it closely, then you can find that the sign shows the numeral 8 in Chinese characters. It features an interesting design indigenous to Japan.

We are glad to see how a bakery like HACHIHACHI combines both German and Japanese cultures. Would you make a visit to HACHIHACHI? You should try HACHIHACHI’s bread at least once.

home page:

SIZUYA~Kyoto’s Bakery with Heart



図2Although Japan is typically known as a culture of rice, the consumption of bread has been steadily growing over the past several decades. Bread has become so popular that Kyoto boasts the most bakeries per capita of any city in Japan. One of the oldest and most famous bakeries in Kyoto is Sizuya, which opened its first store on Kawaramachi Street in 1948.

Last year Sizuya cerebrated its 65th year in business.  Sizuya has many branches throughout the city and is popular not only among Kyotoites, but tourists too. There is even a Sizuya branch near our university. The popularity of some of Sizuya’s products has been the result of features done on it by popular TV programs, magazines and newspapers. We decided we wanted to talk to a store manager and find out more about why Sizuya has been so successful.

Naoko Iura

Naoko Iura





Naoko Iura is the manager of a new Sizuya branch named Kotochika. It is located in front of the gates for the subway line at Kyoto Station. In spite of the fact it was early morning, Ms Iura took time from her busy schedule to have an interview with us. She always wears an attractive smile for customers and is full of energy. We could tell she maintains good relationships with other staff members because we felt the store had such an easy-going atmosphere.





KAHO NISHIURA: Why do people have an image that if the bread is from Kyoto then it is Sizuya bread?


NAOKO IURA: Because the head store is in Kyoto. Although there are some shops in Osaka and Shiga. Also, Sizuya first opened in downtown Kyoto where a lot of people go shopping. Kyoto consumes the most amount of bread of any city in Japan. They have a very long history, since 1948. So the residents of Kyoto have come to love bread.



AKARI YAMAMOTO: What are the special characteristics of Sizuya?

Every month seven to nine new products are released. We also have a wide variety of sandwiches for sale. You can buy Sizuya bread anytime because there are many stores throughout the city.



Why did Sizuya open only in Kyoto Prefecture?

Ever since the establishment of our first store, Kyoto citizens have loved and supported us. From now on we, the department of management, have been thinking that we should somehow contribute to society in the future. It’s added value that you can’t buy in any other place. Also Kyoto strengthens the brand.




図7 Why is Shizuya best known for its “carnet”?


To start with, Sizuya was picked up in a popular TV show called “Himitsu-no-kenmin Show!” and then we  appeared on other TV programs and in magazines. Our carnet was featured, so it became widely known all over Japan.






How many items of bread do you make?

I can’t answer exactly, but within our products, there are about 100-110 different kinds of breads and sweet-rolls. There are about 20-30 different kinds of sandwiches. So about 120~140 items in total.



Does each shop have different kinds of bread?

Best-selling products such as sweet rolls and sandwiches are sold in every shop, but the number of products that can be sold in each shop is different because each shop is different in size and space. The shops that have big floor space deploy many kinds of products. However the shops that have a kitchen, or are close to a Sizuya factory, or shops in the station, sometimes sell their own original breads and sandwiches.


How many foreign people come to  KOTOCHIKA KYOTO in a day?

About 50 people.


How many Sizuya outlets are in department stores and supermarkets like AEON?

 There are 24 shops.


Which is the most popular selling shop?

The shop in Kyoto Station.



What is the difference of Sizuya and Sizuya Pan?

Sizuya is a bakery that provides safe and delicious breads to the people of Kyoto. It has sweet rolls and sandwiches. Even deserts are developed there. Some of its stores have a small café where people can eat and have coffee or tea. On the other hand, Sizuya Pan is another brand which has the phrases “a small present” and “ connecting people and heart.” It is run as a specialty store for anpan, buns with sweet-bean paste inside. Sizuya Pan collaborated with a famous designer to come up with stickers and the product’s package. Also, shops are totally different from existing Sizuya shops and they are designed with simple white and black colors.



Why do you think Sizuya has continued to be loved for 65 years? 

Because the policy of our founder, Mokoto Hori, has been taken to heart by all of our staff. It is…

1. to care your health.

2. business is not just a business; sell with your heart.

3. when deciding the price of  a product think from the position of the customer.

4. do not forget shops are there for the customers.

5. give your cooperation and make an effort to improve your skills.


That is wonderful! Thank you for your time.