Recommended Food Information in Enmachi, Kyoto

March 26, 2020

by Masashi Morishita, and Noa Murakami

Do you know Enmachi? It is a sightseeing spot in Kyoto. There are many temples and shops there. You can go by train from Kyoto Station in about ten minutes. In particular, we recommend that you eat delicious foods if you go to Enmachi because there are a lot of good restaurants there. We visited a restaurant and a café this time. The first one is a famous ramen restaurant. Ramen is a noodle soup dish that was originally imported from China. The next one is a cafe. It is a curry and pancake cafe. We want to introduce this restaurant and café.

Tantanmen YEBISU

Tantanmen YEBISU

At first, we will explain about ramen. As we said, ramen is a noodle soup dish. It has become one of the most popular dishes in Japan. It’s common to eat it for dinner. You can find ramen restaurants in every corner of Japan and the tastes of countless regional variations. We went to a restaurant called “Tantanmen YEBISU” in Enmachi. In this restaurant, Tantanmen is delicious. Tantanmen is Chinese noodles in spicy soup. It looks red, and it’s hot and spicy food. We actually ate it, and it was very delicious, and you can select the level of hotness (spiciness). Therefore, you can enjoy eating tantanmen even if you are not good at eating hot tasting food. Also, the “cheese tantanmen” is the most popular ramen for woman because it is not hot and even children can eat it. This shop is bright and very comfortable. The staff are very gentle and will welcome you with pleasure. In addition, there are some kind services. For example, it offers its customers paper aprons, hair ties, and soup spoons with small holes. Any customer who wears a white shirt or whose hair is long can enjoy tantamen without getting stains on

tantanmen ramen

themselves by using the paper apron and hair tie. Also, you can eat small ingredients like meat and green onions in tantanmen by using the soup spoon with small holes. The original way of eating ramen in Japan is to make a loud sound

cheese tantanmen ramen

while eating, similar to a slurping sound. You shouldn’t worry about making sounds when eating Asian noodles in Japan because eating loudly (slurping) is a good thing in Japan when eating noodles. It is very surprising. Actually, people will just think you are enjoying your noodle meal! When you eat tantanmen in this restaurant, you can make a loud sound, so let’s eat tantanmen.

Café and Bar, Off Time

front entrance

This café is a hidden café. All of the menu items such as curry, plate lunch, french toast, focaccia and sweets is homemade. In addition, this café has a relaxed atmosphere, so you can avoid the crowds and enjoy a leisurely meal because it located in a calm place. Also, there are a lot of miscellaneous goods, and the interior design is good.

You can enjoy reading Japanese children’s books such as “The Cat That Lived a Million Times” and the “Gama-Kun and Kaeru-Kun” series. And then, the main attraction is the variety of deserts on the menu, and you can enjoy a lot of different cakes every day. The cakes have a soft, spongy texture with a homely and nostalgic taste. It also isn’t too sweet, so even those who don’t like eating sweet things can enjoy them. However, you should visit this cafe early in the morning because the popular cakes sell out quickly.

Also, you can enjoy not only meals and sweets but also tableware like cups, spoons and dishes. They have cute designs and make you excited. In addition, the owner is a kind woman who is loved by customers, and she cooks all the food on the menu by herself. You will have a good time in this café. You should stop by Off Time if you visit Enmachi.


Many famous restaurants are lined up in front of the station in Enmachi, while there are many cheap and delicious hidden restaurants a little far from Enmachi station. Therefore, you will enjoy finding your favorite restaurants while walking around the town in Enmachi. Also, it is easy to search for your favorite restaurants or foods because most restaurants post their restaurant’s information on Instagram or Twitter. Enmachi is not a very famous place in Kyoto and there are few foreign tourists; however, it is a very nice place with good restaurants. Therefore, we hope that a lot of foreign tourists visit Enmachi after reading this article, and we want you to enjoy many restaurants and cafes in Enmachi, especially Tantanmen YEBISU and Café and Bar, Off Time.

Access information

“Tantanmen YEBISU” takes about 2 minutes on foot from Enmachi Station (JR Sanin Line).

TEL: 075-366-6767

Time: 11:00AM-11:00PM (closed on Tuesdays).

“Café and Bar, Off Time” takes about 10 minutes on foot from Enmachi Station (JR Sanin Line).

TEL: 075-801-8108

Café time: 11:00AM-5:00PM (Tuesday-Sunday)

Bar time: 6:00PM-10:30PM (Thursday-Saturday) 6:00PM-9:00PM (Sunday)

Tuesday and Wednesday are only café time (Closed on Mondays)

The Toretore center

By Arisa Hirano and Erina Okamoto

  Where do you buy fish when you want to buy it? I think you go to the supermarket. However you can get very fresh fish in Kyoto. My favorite place to buy fresh fish is in Maizuru.

toretoreAbout the Toretore center

  In Maizuru, there is fishing harbor. It is called the Tore-tore center. Tore-tore means catch lots of fish. It’s on the north side of Kyoto and the Sea of Japan. It is said that it is the biggest fishery center in the Sea of Japan. It was set up in 2002.

  It conducts business from 9 am ~ 5 pm. It takes 2 and a half hour by car from Kyoto city. If you take a train, you should get on a JR train and get off at Nishimaizuru station. 5 fisher branch shops and 13 shops are in the center. Fish are very fresh and cheap. Not only do they sell fish, but also shellfish, shrimp, octopus, seaweed and souvenir.

If you are hungry, you can eat the seafood that you bought then and there. Frist, the store staff cut and broils it for you. Second, there is food court. You can eat raw seafood on top rice and miso-soup (bean paste soup) with shellfish. Third, you can eat seafood tempura (seafood dipped in batter and deep-fried). You cannot eat fresh seafood like that in any other place. In the Tore-tore center, you can hear fisherman’s lively voices. If you ask questions about the seafood, they’ll answer you, like how to cook and eat the delicious seafood.

toretore1Why is the fish so delicious?

 Why is the fish sold in toretore center so delicious? I’ll tell you the secret.

    First of all, I’ll explain the distribution channel of fish that are sold in the grocery store or the supermarket. Each fishing market and fishermen’s association harvest fish. Then, they send the fish to the central markets in Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe. It usually takes one to two days to arrive because it is transported from a long distance. Then, the fish are set up. After that, they are sent to supermarkets, department stores and fresh fish stores. They can’t keep up fresh fish because it takes time. At Toretore, the speed is different. Fisherman harvest fish in Wakasa bay or Tango peninsula.

 toretore5   After that, it’s sent to Maizuru market in fishermen’s association in Kyoto. Then, they are sent to the Toretore center. The time required is only ten minutes! Fresh fish are sold in the Toretore center immediately. Freshness is completely different. It is said that the price of auction is decided depending on six points. They are, the kind of fish, the freshness, the quantity of fish, whether the fish have plenty of fat or not, whether the fish have flabby muscles or not and, the fishing ground. The fish that are sold in the Toretore center meet these requirements.

    Therefore these fish have a high price. However, the Toretore center sells fish at moderate price. For example, they sold Atka mackerel which has plenty of fat in 800yen and 5 pieces of flounders for 1200yen. Also, there are a lot of processed seaweeds. For example, salted fish guts, octopus with green horseradish paste, fish minced and steamed, and a kind of brown algae. They are good accompanying dish with rice


Charming pointstoretore3

One of the Toretore center’s charming points is that we can eat fresh fish and seafood there. Many of stores at the Toretore center provide the services that broil them in front of us. When we went there, some old men asked to broil Atka mackerel and they ate it with rice and miso soup. It smelled so good. We chose seafood plate. We had calamari, scallops, octopus, and shrimp. Surprisingly, the price of the plate was only 1000 yen. Is it good bargain? They are really crunchy and tasty. The sauce which on them was also good. It was wonderful because we can enjoy eating some different things.


  Furthermore, we tried to eat a giant pacific oyster. We usually eat it steamed or broil, but we ate it raw. They were very fresh, so it’s no problem. We were impressed with the giant pacific oyster’s size. It’s no exaggeration to say that the size was three times as large as the usual one. Therefore, it was substantial and satisfying. We ate it with squeezed a lemon, and it was really delicious. We recommend eating it when you have chance to go to toretore center.

  We made a lot of discoveries in the Toretore center. If you are interested in the Toretore center after reading our article, why don’t you go there?





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