Dreamton Village

May 13, 2018

by Kanon Knamaru, Yukiho Sawauchi

Do you know “Dreamton village”? It is located at Kamaoka in Kyoto.

Dreamton village is a little tea room which recreates British streets.

There are a restaurant, lodging facilities, a church, a saloon and general store, so only 5 buildings into there. It is very small place with an area of one hectare. Their garage can park 110 cars.

We enjoy British style “omotenashi ”. Omotenashi means heart-warming treatment in Japanese.


If you arrive at Dreamton village, you will see a British store at first. It is the entrance. In there, you can order some dishs and have wonderful British meals.

However, customers must order all dishes which they want to have at once because the system in here is one-order. Please be careful.

After ordering, you go out the entrance. Then, a beautiful view spreads in front of your eyes. And you are welcomed by PONT-OAK staffs. Then, there is a general shop so you can buy some goods and souvenirs. Streets and views are very beautiful. That’s why those who visit there have fun taking pictures.


PONT-OAK is a restaurant and serves British cuisine which you can order.

In there, staff wear classic maid clothes and serve some dishes.

   These are enjoyable dishes, for example, fish and chips and tea set.

There are some types of food. One type is everyday dishes. These include fish and chips, roast beef, pasta, sandwich and so on. You can eat these whenever you go.

There are also many side dishes available, for example, salad, garlic baguette and soup. The soup changes every day, so please ask some staff for the soup of the day.

Second, there is a lunch special. These are menus available only on weekdays. These are served from opening time to 2 o’clock. If you make a reservation at least two days before you go, PONT-OAK will make sure that you are served an original luncheon.

Third, there is the “Tea set”. We enjoy British afternoon tea set. Tea is served with pound cake, ginger cookies and so on. For afternoon tea, delicious treats include original scones, ginger pound cake, finger sandwiches, cookies and meat pie.

No matter what  you order, there is a pot of tea and you can choose your favorite tea leaves.

“Dessert Cakes” are rich and delicious, of course. Ginger pound cake is moist and fragrant and full of ginger flavor. Furthermore, there is rare cheese cake, and apple pie. However, only ginger pound cake can taken out.

Needless to say, there is scone with original cream and jam. It is an original and popular dish in PONT-OAK.

Finally, there is “Ice cream”. In PONT-OAK you can have cold ice cream and ice cream served with hot sauces. For cold ice cream, you can choose berry sauce or sugar syrup while hot sauces include hot ginger sauce, earl grey and peanuts sauce, which are poured over your ice cream.

How to get there

Dreamton village is very far from the city and what is called a little-known spot.

If you go to Dreamton village, at first you take JR Saganosanin line and get off at “Kameoka” station. After arriving at Kameoka station, you can continue on by taxi or by bus. Because the route is very complicated to get there, we recommend taking a taxi. It costs about 3,000 yen.

The other way is by bus. However you must change buses once. First, you get to Kameoka station, you take a bus and get off at “Kyotogakuenmae”. Next, you take another one and get off at “Okuno ”. You should take a bus whose number is “F21”. This route costs about 500 yen but it takes an hour or more. Furthermore, Dreamton village is located far out in the countryside, so you may lose your way and it is difficult to access Internet too, so we recommend to take a taxi.

Of course, it is also possible to drive your own car to Dreamton village.

Other options

Dreamton village has lodging facilities. It is called “B&B”, which means Bed and Breakfast. You can stay at 1 room 2 persons in there. It costs 28,000 yen on weekdays and 30,000 yen on weekends. Whenever you lodge in the village, you can eat an English breakfast.

People can hold a wedding ceremony here if they make an appointment in advance. Staff prepare a pastor, make-up assistants and cameramen.

We think if you come to Japan, you are looking forward to going some popular temples, shrines and so on. However Dreamton village is a good spot not many people know. So, many Japanese people may not know about there. Is such a place on your mind? If you are interested in it and have time, please go to Dreamton village!