November 24, 2019

By Haruka Mishima

Do you know “CHOYA”?

Choya is a famous company in Japan that makes plum wine. Plum is called Ume in Japanese. Ume wine is one of representative and cultural drinks in Japan. Ume was first brought to Japan about 2,000 years ago. The shop was opened in April in 2018 in Kyoto. The CHOYA shop in Kyoto has take out and offers a class where can make Ume juice and wine. The takeout menu has several drinks. A hot drink is 432 yen. Moreover, a cold drink is from 540 yen. You can choose hot water, beverage water, tea, or green tea with Ume. In the class, you can make Ume juice and wine by yourself. There are more than 100 combinations. In addition, the shop has an English menu. About 10 percent of visitors to this place per day, are foreigners, and they really enjoy drinking and making Ume.

About making Ume Wine and Juice

・If you would like to make Ume wine or juice, there is an appointment system. Please visit the website. You need to reserve an appointment at least two weeks in advance of your visit.

・It takes about 30 to 45 minutes. It is free to go when you finish.

・The bottle is not vacuum sealed. If you want to bring the Ume juice or wine to another country, you cannot bring the bottle. It is necessary to buy a vacuum bottle at a shop. These are available at 100 yen shops. Then, you can bring Ume to your countries!

・People who are under 20 years old cannot make Ume wine, which includes alcohol, by Japanese law. However, you can make Ume juice.

・The price is from 1,080 yen.

How I feel about making plum wine at CHOYA shop

It was first time to make plum juice by myself. I choose TUYUAKANE that is red color with KOMPEITOU at that time. Kompeitou is Japanese sugar confectionery. My mother sometimes makes wine at my home. However, the color was not red. I didn’t know that the plum wine and juice have various colors and tastes. Then, it was easy to make that at the shop. I could try drinking samples of everything, and the clerks recommend the best ones for me. Therefore, it is easy to choose one. If you waived one choice, they will teach you the best one. One week later, I drank the plum juice that I made at the shop, it was very good and tasty. I have never drunk such tasty juice before. It is completely different from the plum wine and juice that I usually drink. The clerks are nice and kind people there. I hope everyone enjoys making and drinking the plum wine and juice with them!!!

Plum juice aged 7 days

Location and Access

〒604-8117 108 CASA ALA MODE ROKKAKU 1F, Horinoue-cho, Nakagyo-ku 604-8117 Kyoto, Japan

・7 minutes by foot from Karasuma Oike Station (Subway Karasuma Line)

・8 minutes by foot from Karasuma Station (Hankyu Kyoto Line) or Shijo Station (Subway Karasuma Line)

Open Hours: 11: 00 AM - 7: 00 PM

Holiday: Obon holidays in August and New Year holidays in December-January

*Payment: Cash only

Website: (It is available translation in English)

Instagram: choyaume_taiken  

Twitter: @CHOYAume_taiken