Donguri Restaurant Chain

September 1, 2019

by Saki Hirota

Donguri is a popular okonomiyaki restaurant chain in Kyoto with over 300,000 customers per year. The total number of restaurants in the chain is now nine, with the ninth store opening in 2015. Among them, the most famous store is the one at Kyoto Station Square. It is frequented by not only people from Kyoto, but also from other areas of Japan and even from abroad. Most of its seats are filled with reservations every day, so many customers are often waiting to get inside. The secret of its popularity is in its stylish appearance. It is not a typical Okonomiyaki shop. In fact, it has a menu with over 200 types of food and drink on it. Donguri is even highly ranked at a gourmet site famous in Japan, called Taberogu. Also, many entertainers and celebrities have eaten there.

More About Donguri

The very first Donguri restaurant was started in 1977 in near Fujinomori station of the Fushimi area in the south of Kyoto. This shop was built by Kouichi Kawamura. At that time, the shop was very small and personally managed, with only 24 seats for customers. The owner’s vision was to make Donguri the number one okonomiyaki store in Kyoto, as measured by sales, profit rate, number of stores, number of visitors and brand awareness. The restaurant strives to use local products for items on its menu. Donguri is committed to making sure that all of the following items in its restaurant are locally produced: flour, rice, vegetables, soy sauce, sake, tea, pickles, sauce, tofu, and beer (Suntory Premium Malts).

Currently, there are nine Donguri shops: Kyoto Station Square・ Kyoto Station Square East ・Shijo-Kawaramachi ・Shijo-Teramachi ・Shijo-Karasuma ・Shijo-Omiya ・Sanjo-Kiyamachi ・Shin-Horikawa ・Yamashina ※Fuzinomori store was closed in 2008.

Recommended Menu Items

Lotus root with shrimp

Lotus root with shrimp is very popular at Donguri. Its taste is surprising for both Japanese and foreigners. It is delicious.


Tonpei-yaki is the most recommended item on the menu. It is loved by many customers. It is made from pork rib, eggs, cabbage, leeks, ginger, and tonpei-sauce.


Chinese-style dumplings are very popular amongst customers, especially foreigners. They are delicious and very inexpensive.


It is normal and standard Yakisoba. Many customers order it every day. It is made with beef, pork and squid.


This is okonomiyaki. Most okonomiyaki in Japan is made with cabbage, but this one uses kujo-leeks from Kyoto, chikuwa, and konjak. Chikuwa is like a fish sausage, while konjak is a jelly-like food made from the starch of the konjak potato. This results in a unique new taste and texture.

Donguri also has an online shop where you can buy items from the menu. Most people order it so they can prepare and eat it in the comfort of their own home.

As you can see, Donguri is very famous store in Kyoto. If you come to Kyoto, you should go to this store. Which menu are very good taste. Also, many foreigners came to 2 consecutive days to this shop.