Fashionable Cafes in Kyoto

September 21, 2019

by Miyu Arimoto, Yuko Yasuda & Yuma Ogata

Nowadays, most people in the world use SNS like Instagram. They usually take pictures many fashionable places and post these pictures for their followers to enjoy. In Japan, we call something instabae that is very photogenic. It is like the English term Instagrammable. In this article, we will introduce you to three fashionable cafes in Kyoto. All of them are instabae. We want to help you to make your Instagram page more attractive. If you are interested in instabae and fashionable cafes, then read onward.

Walden Woods Kyoto

Walden Woods Kyoto is a café located near Higashihonganji Temple. This shop opened in December of 2017. It is located in a very old building, so customers can feel a nostalgic atmosphere. It has a probat (roasting machine) from the 1969s, which is very nice. And recently this shop has become very popular, appearing on many websites and in magazines. Thanks to this, Walden Woods is now known to all generations.


This is the drink menu. This menu is written in English, so it is easy for foreign customers to order beverages.

Walden Woods offers seasonal beverages. For example, a seasonal tea soda is made from a hibiscus and rosehip blended tea with soda. In addition, it includes fruit chips, so we can smell fresh fruits in the soda. They also offer ginger latte, which is a new style latte. It made with ginger, milk and strong coffee. We can taste ginger’s nice punch, which goes well with the milk and coffee. They also offer a delicious hot latte. It is very simple, but this shop is known for its latte art. The shop owner is a barista who is good at doing art, so most customers come to experience his latte arts. You should try the ginger latte and the Ethiopia blend. The Ethiopia blend is mild black. It has a nice bitter taste when you drink it without sugar.



Usually, Walden Woods Kyoto is opened every day except for special day. Opening hours are from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Expect to spend between 500 yen to 1000 yen ($5 to $10). We went to this shop several times and we know the owner. He is very friendly and staff members have a nice smile, so I recommend that you visit this shop and take nice photographs. This is web site.



1er ETAGE is located only about 5 minutes on foot from Kawaramachi station. Opening hours are from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. everyday. This café’s name means “First Floor” in French, but in fact, the first floor in France is actually what we call the second floor in English. So the English translation would be “second floor”. As its name suggests, the café is on the second floor of the building.



1er ETAGE has a relaxed atmosphere, so you can enjoy your time there. There are a lot of dried flowers, so the air is filled with a sweet and subtle natural perfume. The café has stylish and antique interior, so any photo you take there will be instabae. As you look up at the ceiling, it looks like a flower garden of dried flowers. Many kinds of dried flowers are hanging from the ceiling. So, it is beautiful, and you will be impressed. However, we recommended that you should avoid after lunch time because there are just a few seats available.



1er ETAGE serves drinks and homemade cake. This picture is of the menu. As you can see, a dried flower is attached to the cover of menu. It is so cute. We drank roasted green tea café latte “Houji cha latte” in Japanese, lemonade, and we ate chocolate banana brownies. They were very delicious. Especially we recommend you drink the lemonade. It was sour and tasty. Often the homemade cake is changed according to the season.



1er ETAGE also sells dried flowers, which start at 200 yen.

There are various dried flowers, so you might be able to find your favorite flower. Dried blue roses caught my eyes. They were particularly beautiful. The staff makes a dried flower bouquet. Even if you don’t like flowers very much, I think you will like this café. So, if you come to Kyoto we recommend that you visit this café.



Litt Up Kyoto

There is a cafe named Litt Up Kyoto near Gion-shijo station (Keihan line). It takes 3 mins on foot. Usually, it is open from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, but if you would like to go there in the afternoon, you have to go to another cafe named The Mark Fizz. They are open from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Of course, you can make a reservation. Both of cafes offer almost the same type of things. But you have to be careful: as these are outdoor cafes, they close on rainy days.

Litt Up Kyoto’s atomosphere is so calm, and everyone is talking comfortably, so you can take a break with alcohol here when you get tired or want to have a drink.

The interior is arranged with white color. On the weekends, there are many people drinking and talking pictures.


They serve a variety of drinks of many different colors. All of the pictures above are of alcohol drinks, but they also have soft drinks. Everything there looks pretty and gorgeous, so it is sure to be instabae. They have not only drinks, but also toast in case you get the munchies.

As you can see it, it’s so sweet toast and looks cute. They also serve ham and cheese toast.

If you are interested in this cafe or want to take pictures here, you should avoid rainy days. Don’t forget about that. They don’t have web site so please check their Instagram page.

LITT.UP KYOTO @litt_up_kyoto

THE MARK FIZZ ROOF TOP @the_mark_fizz_roof_top

There are lots of fashionable cafes in Kyoto and to find café is one of interesting things. As we recommended all three cafes, especially after lunch time will be busy and crowded so you should avoid crowded time and think about time and weather. Let’s take a break at fashionable cafes in Kyoto and take plenty of super stylish photos.

As you can see, with a little effort, you can visit a stylish, instabae cafe right here in Kyoto and have a great afternoon with your friends or family. Just don’t forget to post photos of your visit on Instagram. What are you waiting for?