Hanatoro Arashiyama

December 13, 2005

by Fumiaki Kai; Kagawa Akiko

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2003UA0090 Akiko Kagawa

Welcome to “Amazing new festival in Kyoto”

What is the newest festival in Kyoto do you think? What kind of festival do you want to go in Kyoto? Here is amazing festival for you! This festival is new type one.

The way is full of mysterious lights and plants. You will feel amazing when you look at around here.
The begging of this festival called Hanatoro was three years ago from now at Higashiyama . Have you ever heard the name of Kiyomizu temple or koudai temple? These are famous temple in Kyoto and around there we have seen festival like this for three years in winter season. It is held after the season of colored leaves in autumn and before cherry blossom in spring for avoids congestion. This is the first time to hold it in Arashiyama. The organizer is Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry a board of trade. Their dream is to make Kyoto fantastic city which full of light and tradition. Actually Kyoto has three big festival already. Jidai festival Aoi festival and Gion festival. They want to make the fourth big festival in Kyoto and I am sure it will be one of the biggest festival in Kyoto.

You do not have to worry about language problem because there are many language volunteers around there. To tell the truth used to be one of them last year. We usually put on staff jacket and the board which is written that builinga guide. So if you lost the way you can ask them anything. Then they will tell you the answer and give the catalog.

Arashiyama is one of the most famous place in Kyoto and especially cherry blossom in spring and autumnal colors of the leaves or Togetsu Bridge. And also there are mountains, river, bamboo, and temple and so on. Anytime you go there, you can notice so many tourists there from all over the world. The place of Arashiyama itself is so beautiful, but when it light up, it going to be very special scenery. We can find different side of Arashiyama Hanatoro.

Illuminate bamboo at night (Chikurin no syoukei)

Both side way of ramble is illuminated and it gives us fantastic scenery. It is feeling like you come another world. We think it’s the main of this festival. The contrast of blue lights and the green color of bamboo make fantastic mood in this street. This street is Nomiya Shrine to Okouchi villa which is so famous actor’s villa in Kyoto. Some place is illuminated colorful bamboo. Japanese like color of nature but this illumination is very new to us, too. We found another way to look at it.

Illumination around Togetsu Bridge

Have you ever seen this bridge? It is sometimes used in Japanese movie or drama. It is very cool in summer and always gives us nice feeling. It illuminates all over this area including Togetsu Bridge, river and the foot of a mountain. Some times, by the cooperation of Sagano Industry University, show us some beautiful pictures to the river. In the middle of river, you will find a lot of candles making circle. It is called Zenshin and represent the light of Requiem. Can you guess what that is? It means preying for soul of death by light the fire of candle. The diameter of big circle is 54m and there is a small circle in it.

Traffic information

City Bus

Arashiyamatenryujimae(It’s in front of Tenryu-Templ) Week day Saturday Sunday
28 Bound for Kyoto Station 20 32 52 52
21 7 52 52 52
11 Way of kawaramachi, bound for Sanjou keihan 20 30 20 52 15
21 0 32 32 0 40
93 Marutamachi Street, Kinrinsyakomae 20 18 53 19 53 13 52
21 29 29 28

Kyoto Bus

Keifukuarashiyamaekimae(Keifukuarashiyama Station) Week day / Saturday / Sunday
Bound for Kyoto Sation 20 17 37
21 18
Way of Shijoukawaramachi, bound for Sanjoukeihan 20 47
21 27


JR Sagaarashiyama Week day / Saturday / Sunday
Bound for Kyoto Sation 20 7 22 39 49
21 7 24 54
Bound for Sonobe 20 6 21 23 39 54
21 13 29 51

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