Ichijoji Kyoto Ramen

November 25, 2019

by Hanami Yanagi, Saya Ishida and Tomoka Yamazaki

Japanese foods are recognized to be delicious all over the world recently. Therefore, we would like to introduce ramen (Chinese-style hot noodles) because it is popular and everybody likes it. There is a district in Kyoto known as Ichijoji and it is famous for being the location of many good ramen restaurants. We chose two ramen shops Gokkei and Takayasu. We went there and ate some ramen. Therefore, we will introduce two famous ramen shops here.


Access: Near to the Kyoto City Bus route 31 ‘Ichijoji Kitaomarucho Station’ stop.

Business hours: 11:30~22:00

Closed: Mondays

Gokkei is the most popular ramen shop in Ichijoji. There is always a line of people wating to get ramen there.

There are three types of ramen. First is Toridaku and simmered egg ramen. The price is 750 yen. It is ranked No.1 in Gokkei.  Toridaku features a thick soup, which is created through long hours of simmering chicken bones.  The soup lis almost like carbonara sauce.  You can even let the Chinese milk spoon stand in the soup. But it isn’t heavy. Medium thick noodles are used. Bamboo shoots in the soup are too big, three times the size of usual servings. the slices of roast pork are also large and very tender. the dish is topped with a soft-boiled egg and green onions which are a good accent.  Toridaku looks hearty but woman can easily eat it. It is very delicious!


The second type of ramen is called Akadaku. It costs 750 yen and its color is red! It is topped with chili.  It looks very spicy but only has a moderate hotness.  It goes well with rich soup and satisfies a big appetite.  The ingredients are the same as Toridaku.


The third type of ramen served here is Kurodaku. it also costs 750 yen. Kuro means garlic. The smell of garlic fills the air when you order this ramen.  It satisfies the appetite.  If you eat Kurodaku, you become full of power!  When you need energy, I recommend you eat this ramen.  Its ingredients are the same as Toridaku.



Access: Near to the Kyoto city Bus 31 ‘Ichijoji Kitaomarucho Station’ stop.

Business Hours: 12:00~23:00

Closed: None

Takayasu is another famous Chinese noodle shop in Ichijoji. Like Gokkei, there is always a line.  The shop assistant is so friendly and kind. We ate two types of ramen here and side dishes. We introduce them.

First is Chinese noodle. The price is 600 yen. It is the most popular ramen in Takayasu. Although It is a very simple ramen, its taste is impressive.I t has a mild and smooth soup. The taste is like the Samgyetang, but it has a thick Tonkotsu soup. The noodles are straight. There are tender Char-siu slices of pork atop the ramen. These Chinese noodles are very filling, so you can get full only with this ramen!

Chinese noodle

The second kind is Suji ramen. Suji is beef gristle in English. The price is 750 yen. The ramen has many tender and melting pieces of beef gristle. Its ingredients are the same as Chinese noodle. The third type of ramen is Spring Chicken. It features a big piece of chicken! The taste is spicy because the seasoning is curry. The coating is crispy and chicken is juicy.


Ramen is popular all over the world nowadays. Ichijoji is a famous area for ramen and each shop features its own style of ramen. In fact, there are a lot of other shops than the ones written about here. Ichijoji is an attractive area. Therefore, we want you to go Ichijoji and find your favorite ramen.


By bus: use bus number 3. It takes about 40 minutes from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies and the fare is 230 JPY. Continue on foot for about 10 minutes to reach the ramen area