Ichijoji Nakatani

July 23, 2015

by Riko Nakanishi, Hinako Kinoshita and Daisuke Sasaki

Have you ever eaten Decchi-yokan? It is a cheap sweet jellied bean paste made in the Kinki district. There is a Japanese style confectionery store called Ichijoji Nakatani which is famous for this Japanese sweet. The store was established in 1935, 70 years ago. They originally made the ingredients for sugar and cereals, and started to make rice crackers and cookies in 1958. In addition they increased their confectionery menu to include cakes, tarts, tiramisu in 2002.

Delicious items on display at Ichijoji Nakatani

Decchi-yokan is a sweet jellied bean paste which is wrapped in a bamboo sheath. It makes you feel nostalgic feeling because the bamboo’s smell which has a Japanese old fashioned spreads to the sweet jellied bean paste. Ichijoji Nakatani’s Decchi-yokan is made from high quality sugar and Dainagon azuki bean laid in a stock directly from Tamba. Therefore we think that Ichijoji Nakatani’s Decchi-yokan is by far the most delicious in Japan.

We can have not only sweets but also meals. For example, there are thin wheat noodles, rice porridge, and light Kyoto-style home cooking with boiled vegetables and marinated food. Of course we can enjoy drinking some teas. The food costs 1,000 yen to 1,650 yen.

An example of a delicious traditional Japanese sweet with maccha tea at Ichijoji Nakatani.

What also want to recommend ”Kinugoshi ryokucha tiramisu”. This is the most popular item in the store. If you order this sweet on the internet, you will have to wait at least two months. This sweet has a sponge cake which is soaked in a lot of Japanese tea syrup, mousse made of soybean milk, white bean jam, cheese and powdered green tea. In addition, they have fresh cream which has a semi-sweet flavor and also boiled azuki bean, a black soybean, and hiyoko bean. I was surprised at this very tasty sweet because it looked so beautiful, just like a jewel box, to say nothing of the good taste.

Kinugoshi ryokucha tiramisu

This sweet like a tiramisu is both of Japanese and Western style. It was created when the young owner got married to a woman who the proprietress now. Since then, they have tried to make many kinds Japanese and Western style sweets. However it is not as easy as they thought. They had to learn from the young owner’s father and mother. They have made modern sweets, preserving the tradition of the store. For this reason, they can make such wonderful sweets.

Decchi-yokan with green tea.

In Ichijoji, there are lots nature such as the cherry blossoms in the spring, fresh green leaves in the summer, colored leaves in the autumn, and a snowy landscape in the winter. What is Hachidai jinja shrine which is known as the Battle for Musashi Miyamoto, Shisendou temple, Konpukuji temple, and Enkouji temple which Ieyasu Tokugawa built and printed many books there are all in the aren. Tourists never decrease to see these place all year. Why don’t you dropp in on Ichijouji Nakatani while taking in the sights of Ichijoji.


5, Ichijoji Hananokicho, Sakyouku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 606-8151, Japan

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Open from 9:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m. (6:00 L.O) Wed is closed.


Kyoto city bus No.5, 65. A 2minute walk from Ichijoji Sagarimatu bus stop.

Eizan Electric Railway Ichijoji sta. A 5minute walk.

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