Japanese Hot Spring ~Tenzan-no-yu~

April 16, 2007

by Megumi Matsumura

天山の湯 ~Tenzan no yu~
If you want to experience a Japanese hot bath, I recommend that visitors go to a hot-spring resort in Kyoto.In Japanese hot spring is called “onsen.”I will introduce a visitors large public bath in Kyoto. It is an onsen in western Kyoto called Tenzan-no-yu.Visitors can enjoy a very rare experience at Tenzan-no-yu.

Doctor fish which originally in habit hot spring waters in Turkey, have been brought to Tenzan-no-yu.They are very small and rare. They live in hot water, and because they eat old skin, they can be used as a kind of beauty treatment.They also give our feet stimulus when they are nimbling our old skin. Moreover it is said that the stimulus improves our metabolism and has a healing effect.
I experienced the Doctor fish bath twice in Tenzan-no-yu. It felt ticklish when the doctor fish nibbled at my feet!!It was very fun.
Reservations for doctor fish therapy can be made only on the day that you go. It costs 500 yen for 15 minutes.There are many other baths you can experience at Tenzan-no-yu:

There is also a “rotenburo” or an open-air bath:
you can enjoy natural surroundings while bathing in this bath.


This bath has much iron, is cooler, and is brown in color because of its interaction with oxygen. Since it is suid to help blood formation, it is especially suitable for anemic people.


This is very clear hot-spring had all of the iron removed from the water. It is a sodium and calcium onsen; its water comes from a depth of 1200 meters.


These baths are in big pots. Two people can fit into one of these baths.Infrared radiation from the pots activates the cells.Tenzan-no-yu has other kinds of bath: mizu-buro (cold bath), awa-buro (jet-bath), and shio-sauna (salt sauna). In the salt sauna you can rub salt on your skin and sweat. It will make your skin become smooth.

Spacious Bath(^^) Awa-buro(@[email protected])             Shio-Sauna(e^^e)


Visitors can eat and rest at a restaurant in Tenzan-no-yu after taking a bath. Some original products can be purehased as souvenirs. Visitors will enjoy this new kind bath facility!!

☆Green Tea Soap ¥700 ☆Brown Sugar Shampoo, Rinse, & Body Soap ?

1200 each ?
☆ Sagano Onsen Tenzan-no-yu   ☆
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