Karancolon Kyoto – a souvenir shop

July 23, 2015

by Maiko Hotehama and Sae Nagata

When you visit Kyoto, what kinds of souvenir will you buy? In Kyoto, there are a lot of souvenirs, for example, Japanese-style confectionery, Japanese green tea, and Japanese pickles. I strongly recommend the cute Japanese-designed goods at Karancolon Kyoto. Of course, for woman it will be fine as present for yourself or your friends, and also for man. If they buy it for your girlfriend, she will be definitely delighted.


What is Karancolon Kyoto ?

Karancolon Kyoto is a shop that has many kinds of goods that are cute Japanese-patterns, for example, bags, purses, pouches, pencil cases and towels. Karancolon Kyoto was established in May, 2005 by itochu as a new project, and was started in Sanjo, Kyoto. Itochu is a company that has been producing and selling footwear, bags and merchandise since March, 1895.


History of Karancolon Kyoto

Since opening the main store in Shijo-dori street in July 2007, the number of Karancolon Kyoto shops in Kyoto has been increasing, and now there are 4 shops, in Shijo-dori street, near Kiyomizudera temple, at Kyoto station and in Arashiyama. In addition, Karancoln Kyoto has shops not only in Kyoto, but also in other areas in Japan, for example, Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Fukuoka. This year, Karancolon Kyoto had its tenth anniversary.


Here is introduction of things at Karancolon Kyoto. First, original products of Karancolon Kyoto.

Original goods of Karancolon Kyoto

This series are printed on cloth made of cotton or hemp clothe. There are many variations, from the bags in picture above to small articles such as commuter pass holders and change purses. The bag on the left is a gamaguchi, and the one on the right is oblong bag.


Next, original products that you can only buy at the shops in Kyoto. There are three kinds of products, which are each different patterns and designs.

Kyoto original products

The first ones are design is based on houses and architecture in Kyoto. The cloth of this series is made carefully by dying patterns in fabric at dye house in Kyoto. Both pouches in the picture are pouch with Gamaguchi design.


The second ones are designed with ornamental hairpins of maiko, the apprentice geisha, walking in entertainment district in Kyoto. The cloth of this series is crepe, and dyed carefully at dye house in Kyoto. The oblong case is for glasses, and the others are pouch with Gamaguchi design.


Last ones are goods designed with scenery of Kyoto. They are made by using glossy cloth a long time to weave. Both pouches in the picture are Gamaguchi, but the right ones is with a handle made of leather.


Lastly, seasonal products. You can enjoy and feel the four seasons in Japan by these products which remind us of the season.

Seasonal products

Karancolon Kyoto sells not only goods that you can buy all year, but also seasonal products that you can buy in particular period. For example, a round fan in summer, and a rabbit and moon in autumn because autumn is the season of moon viewing in Japan.


What did you think about a Japanese souvenir shop, Karancolon Kyoto ? I would like you to visit there ,feel japanese culture, and find a favorite item if you come to Kyoto or another city in Japan, and also please check official site.


*Official site


*Main shop

Address : 〒600-8001, 83-1, nishiirushincho, shijo-dori, shimogyoku, kyoto

TEL : 075-253-5535


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