Kyoto City Subway Tozai line

December 6, 2016

by Yumika Fujii and Erica Wada

In Japan, there are so many kinds of public transportation, in those JR (Japan Railways), Shinkansen, Keihan train (which is connect Kyoto and Osaka) and so on. There are two lines in Kyoto City Subway, Tozai line and Karasuma line. They traffic in 10 ward except Saikyo in Kyoto city and Uji city. Each of them is used to commute and go to somewhere by many people every day.

Tozai line

Tozai line and Karasuma lineThe Tozai line is the second subway in Kyoto city. When Tozai line was found in October 12th, 1997, there are just only 13 stations, from Dagio station to Nijoh station. After that from Rokujizo station to Daigo station was built in 2004 and then, from Nijoh station to Uzumasatenjingawa station was built in 2008, so there are 17station, now. Each station has a number from T1 to T17 and that is located near the famous and popular place to visit for tourists or to commute workplace or school from other prefecture. In 2003, Daigo community bus that is run by the citizen was built, and it is connected to the subway. Moreover,we can use Yamashina station and transfer to JR (Japan Railway) Tohkaido line and Kosei line, we can go to Shiga prefecture easily. Also we use Nijoh station, and transfer to JR(Japan Railway) Sanin line, we can go Nantan in Kyoto. We use Rokujizoh station, and transfer to JR (Japan Railway) and Keihan train and go to Uji and Nara prefecture. At Uzumasatenjingawa station that was built in 2008, we can transfer to Arashiyamadentetsu train and go to Arashiyama.

Rokujizo station

Uji Maccha dango Rokujizo station is located in Fushimi which is in Kyoto city, and this station has 3 kind of transportation JR (Japan Railway), the city bus and Keihan line. People can transfer here to Kyoto station which has many line to various kind of direction, and Uji station which is famous for Maccha, Japanese tea.

Ono station

Ono station is located in Yamashina, Kyoto, and station number is T04. This is near the Kajuji (勧修寺). Kajuji is sometimes called “Kannsyuuji” or “Kanjuji”, but Kajuji is the official calling. Kanujuji is the temple at which the head priest has always been a member of the imperial family or of the nobility.

Keage station

in autumnKeage station is located in Higashiyama Kyoto city, and the number of the station is T09. This station is closed to Nanzenji temple(南禅寺). Nanzenji temple is the first temple built at the Emperor’s behest in Japan, and it is set up special building along Kyotogosan and Kamakuragosan, so it means that Nanzenji temple is the highest rank in Japan. Moreover, it is famous and popular for colored leaves in autumn. The view of the colored leaves is the one of the best views during four seasons in Japan.

Higashiyama station

signalHigashiyama station is located in Higashiyama Kyoto city and the number of the station is T10. This west side of this station is the crossing at Higashiyama Sanjoh, so it is accessible to a tourist spot like Heianjingu shrine or Okazaki Park. In Okazaki Park, there are so many cultural things, tourists’ place and industry facilities like the modern art museum, the municipal art museum, the prefectural library, the zoo and Okazaki athletic field. Everyone can go sightseeing, feel and see the Kyoto culture, and enjoy doing activities.

Sanjo Keihan Station

Sanjohkeihan stationSanjo Keihann Station is located in Higashiyama, Kyoto city and the number of the station is T11. Sanjo Keihan Station is connected with Keihan Electric Railway which is the private railway to Osaka and Shiga prefecture, Keihan main line which is the line to Osaka, and Oto line through the outside of an automatic ticket gate on the basement floor. One of the interesting things is that the name of the bus stop and area have been called “Sanjo Keihan” before the subway began. Sanjo Keihan Station is very convenient for people who go to Kawaramachi which is the popular main downtown in Kyoto, and transfer to Keihan Electric Railway. In addition, there are cafes, convenience stores, ATM and other convenient shops in the concourse at the station, so people can spend their time comfortably in the station.

Kyoto Shiyakusho Mae Station

Kyoto Shiyakusho Mae Station is located in Nakagyo, Kyoto city and the name of the station “Kyoto Shiyakusho Mae Station” means “the station in front of Kyoto City Hall” in Japanese. The station number is T12, so it is the next station to Sanjo Keihan Station. There is the only one automatic ticket gate, so it is very easy to find even for the tourists from foreign countries. The main part in Kawaramachi is a 10-minute walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho Mae Station. The station is on the small side, but it is convenient for people from other countries.

Karasuma Oike Station

Karasuma Oike Station is located in Nakagyo, Kyoto city and the station number is T13 and K07. The station is one of the biggest stations of Kyoto City Subway because people can transfer from Tozai line to Karasuma line. The surrounding area of Karasuma Oike Station has been developing as the only place which crosses the subway after the subway Tozai line began. There are a lot of buildings, cafes and shops near the station, and people can enjoy coffee in STARBUCKS inside the station. The automatic ticket gates are provided on the basement floor, the platform of the Karasuma line is on the second basement level, and the platform of the Tozai line is on the third basement level.

Nijo-jo Mae Station

Nijoh castleNijo-jo Mae Station is located in Nakagyo, Kyoto city and the station number is T14. The name of the station “Nijo-jo Mae Station” means “the station in front of Nijo-jo Castle”, so it is very convenient for tourists who go to Nijo-jo Castle. You can arrive in Nijo-jo Castle if you walk just a few minutes. The exits are three in total, and you can go to Nijo-jo Castle easily if you get out the Exit 1. In addition, Nijo-jo Mae Station is on the Horikawa Street which is one of the main streets in Kyoto, so you can transfer from Kyoto City Subway to Kyoto City Bus.

In conclusion, there is very convenient transportation, Kyoto City Subway, Tozai line, in Kyoto. If you can use the subway well, the trip to Kyoto will be more specially, wonderfully and remarkably by reducing times to transfer. If you visit Kyoto, why don’t you use Kyoto City Subway and enjoy Kyoto!

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