November 24, 2019

by Mizuki Ita, Anzu Yoshida and Reona Yoshida

We chose OMURON because the company is one of the famous companies from Kyoto. We are interested in the company and we found that OMURON is trying to make employees healthy not just producing products that are useful for health check. We are going to introduce the trace of OMURON, the founder’s story, the origin of OMURON, and cafeteria in OMURON. 

Trace of OMRON

OMRON is famous for its item for health today, but they didn’t make them at first. OMRON was a factory of roentgen and relay. Headquarters were located in Osaka. But it was destroyed by an air strike World War II. After that OMRON’s headquarters moved to Kyoto and tried to make useful machines for human’s life and keeping health. These machines made a revolution between people and machines. For example, they made the first calculator in the world. It makes easy to people calculate something. And they made the first automated teller in the world too. It is said to be the base of cashless economy and society. Furthermore, OMRON’s invention of electronic blood pressure manometer and electronic thermometer made easy to monitor basic body conditions by oneself. Today they are trying to solve environment issues.

Founder’s story

OMRON’s founder is Kazuma Tateishi. In 1900, he was born in Kumamoto. His family wasn’t rich. He worked as a newsman in childhood to help family’s make a living. He worked at the prefecture office, but quit in 1932. He established TATEISHI ELECTRONICS CO. and he invented an X-ray photography timer. This became a basis of OMRON today. He had many inspirational sayings. The one is “Never give up till you can do it .” It explains if you say I can’t do it, it is the end. But if you try to solve it, you can solve the problem and you can grow up. He had this spirit since his inception. This spirit is supporting OMRON’s development until today. In 1941, in the midst of WWⅡ, he made micro switches for the first time in Japan. His micro switches were applied and helped innovate the electrical table lighter after WWⅡ.  Also, he left these words, “Production is the base of reconstruction of Japan. Especially technological innovation helps economic development.” Also, he tried to get information from all over the world. He went to the USA to find a new market. He thought automation and cybernetics are key words of the future, he went to the USA again to learn these fields. As developing automation’s market, he searched management policy. He thought the company is existing for contributing to society. He set the policy “Let’s improve our life by our working and make a better society.” In 1963, he innovated food ticket’s vending machine and bill exchanger. It was the first step he thought it is the keyword and learned in the USA. The one teaching he left, “Things that a machine can do, we have to rely on a machine. People needs to have fun in a creative area.” He had kept trying to find chances to realize a better society all over the world until he died. 

Origin of OMRON

OMRON had a different name in the past. The company was TATEISHI ELECTRONICS CO. when Kazuma Tateishi established OMRON’S predecessor. After World War Ⅱ, they moved headquarters to Kyoto, it was called OMURON around that area, so their company become called as OMRON. OMRON is named for its location.

OMURON and health

CEO of OMURON thinks the health of all employees is the foundation of the management, and he wants them to be the ones to make the environment together where all of them can spend time comfortably. There are three key words to make such an environment. The first one is the creation of innovation. They try to produce the environment that employees can work on some actions for health unconsciously to make their concentration improved and to make the creation of innovation activated. Second one is an enjoyable life. They order some events and make the environment so that employees can enjoy their life in private and in office with healthy bodies and minds. The last one is ageless. OMURON tries to give some events so that employees can succeed in life even after they retire. Here are five measures to make these key words come true. They are daily exercise, good sleep, ways of reducing stress, good balanced meals, and a smokeless environment. Appropriate exercise leads you to good sleep, the way of reducing stress leads you to health, good balanced meals make your body healthy, and a smokeless environment keeps you healthy. 

Cafeteria in OMURON 

OMURON has actions to make them come true. Cafeteria for employees is one of the actions. OMURON cafeteria is substantial. As many as 1,000 of employees can have a meal at the same time. Also, there you can find lots of variety of foods and they are all healthy foods. You can request a healthy meal that has less than 300 kcal. Thanks to this cafeteria, employees can have a meal with co-workers and they can enjoy their meal time. Some of them try to cut their weight with healthy foods in cafeteria. They don’t need to do some hard exercise but can just eat healthy foods. As you can see, OMURON not only produces products also takes actions for the employees’ health. 


   OMURON started in Osaka but it was destroyed by air strike in World War II. It started with the production of health machines, and nowadays it is trying to solve environmental issues. Kazuma Tateishi, the founder of OMURON, had guts and never gave up. He thought if you think you can’t do it, you can’t, believe yourself and you can do it. OMURON, as the company producing useful machines for health, is trying to keep their employees as well. CEO thinks the health of employees is the basis of the company. Also, OMURON suggests some tips for health, and it has a big cafeteria that can accept 1,000 people at the same time. It provides variety of meals and healthy foods so that the employees can enjoy their meals, concentrate on their health unconsciously, and be happy.