April 16, 2005

by Kie Yokochi; Kumiko Watanabe; Naomi Watanabe

About Tadg’s

This is a pub modeled on a traditional Irish pub of the 19th century. They serve imported Irish beer here, as well as original and authentic dishes. Nicely located on the second floor of a building in Gion, you can look out over the beautiful scenery of the Kamo River through the window. Also, events like concerts are fun on the weekends. The pub is regularly filled with not only Japanese and foreign residents of Japan, but visitors from all over the world, and they all enjoy drinking together. Also, there is a lot of information for visitors to Kyoto. There is a free internet service and printer available, as well as guide books and free local magazines.

Food and Drink

Tadg’s Irish pub has imported Irish Guinness stout and Kilkenny beer with a creamy head on top. The Irish/European style Fish and Chips come highly recommended by the owner at any time of the year, and Irish lamb stew and beef and Guinness stew are served as specialties during the winter season.


There are some unique events that are held in Tadg’s Irish pub, and one of them is “Open Mike” night every first Wednesday of each month. Anyone can perform on this night,like playing the guitar, story-telling or reading poems or haiku.What’s more, a darts league plays games here every Monday. Usually on the weekends, there are live performances of Irish music featuring both foreign and Japanese musicians.

Owner’s Comments

“For visitors who come here, we can offer a warm welcome in a western style pub atmosphere. Often people can feel overwhelmed by the difference in food and language when visiting Kyoto, so we try to accommodate them with a familiar taste of home.”


Address: Ootobiru 2F 236, Nijuichiken-cho, Yamatooji, Kawabata Shijyo-agaru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0077
Tel/Fax: (within Japan) 075-525-0680, (outside Japan) +81-75-525-0680
Email: [email protected]
Access: Come out of Keihan Shijo Station exit 8 and turn right twice
Open: Sunday to Tuesday - until 0:00am
Wednesday to Saturday - until late

During the hot and humid Kyoto summer, many Japanese people often go to beer gardens. Beer gardens are restaurants situated on the roofs of tall buildings, so you can get a nice view, drink, eat, and relax at the same time. Many hotels have beer gardens on their roofs, and they serve a variety of food dishes like takoyaki, fried chicken, ice cream, etc. They usually offer a buffet-style dining experience, where one can eat as much as one likes.
However, most of them don’t have roofs, so they are usually closed on rainy days. Therefore, before you go it is better to call ahead and confirm.

Hotel new Hankyu Kyoto


The beer garden on the top of the Hotel new Hankyu Kyoto is ideal for the person who wants to experience a Japanese beer garden and also see a good night view of a well lit Kyoto tower and Kyoto station. This hotel is very close to Kyoto station, so you could go here on the very first day you get to Kyoto. When I visited here, several foreign visitors were enjoying drinking and eating.

Sometimes, on Fridays and Saturdays, the placed is packed, so it is better to make reservations in advance. On the basement level, there is also a very nice bar, which I recommend you visit.


This beer garden serves two kinds of Japanese beer, twenty kinds of other drinks, and a menu of thirty dishes which are made up of Chinese, Japanese, and Western food. You can eat the kind of popular food Japanese normally eat, and this hotel especially recommends food barbecued on the iron grill, like yakitori and yakisoba.

Time & Season:

This beer garden opens annually for the summer months, from around the beginning of May to the second week in September. However, opening and closing dates may vary a little from year to year.


There are a variety of courses available ranging from 2,000 yen to 3,900 yen depending on the time and day you wish to visit. It would be best to check by calling the hotel front desk for current information. However, the price for children from 3-12 years old is always 1,500 yen.
Access: just a few minutes walk from JR Kyoto station
Address: In front of Kyoto Station Shiokoji-dori Shimogyou-ku.
Phone: +81-75-343-5300

Special Coupon!

For Lunch time in the Reed (not beer garden).
1260 yen → 1050 yen
Print out this page and bring it to the “Reed”.

Holiday Inn Kyoto Beer Garden


The Holiday Inn Kyoto Beer Garden is perfect for those people who want to see a night view of the whole of Kyoto city. This beer garden is located 31 meters above the ground, so you can see most of Kyoto city easily. 10% of the guests here are foreign visitors, but sometimes so many foreign people come here that the waiters think they are in another country.

Food & drink

Holiday Inn Kyoto serves about twenty kinds of drinks, beer, Japanese sake, shochu, soft drinks, etc. All tables have a built-in barbecue style grill, so you can barbecue the food you select from the buffet, yourself. The hotel especially recommends you try the Chinese steamed meat dumpling dishes.


Two hours - 3,000 yen
(Under 12 years old 1,000 yen)

Time & Season

17:00-21:30 (last order:21:00)
From around the third week in June, to the first week in September.

Access: City Bus 206 from Kyoto station, Kyoto Bus 16, 17, 21, 23, 41・43 from Shijo Kawaramachi,
Address: 36 Nishihiraki-cho Takano, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606, Japan
Phone: +81-75-721-3131
E-mail: [email protected]

An izakaya is a common kind of Japanese bar, also found in cosmopolitan cities throughout the world. Popular in Japan for after-work drinking, izakaya are different from general restaurants in that there is mainly a range of alcoholic beverages on offer.

Tori-dori is proud of a particular kind of tofu, which is made in Kyoto, delicious chicken dishes and healthy combination food plates. In this restaurant, there are some different kinds of seating arangment, like Japanese-style rooms, and a bar counter.

Business hours: Monday to Thursday, Sunday, holidays: 17:00pm-23:00pm
Friday, Saturday: 17:00pm-03:00am
Number of seats: 80seats
Regular holiday: none
Average meal cost: ¥3000




  • Suntory Malts beer \¥530
  • Tori-dori original cocktail \¥650
  • shochu \¥480~
  • chicken dishes \¥500~
  • special tofu \¥580


We use only the best selected ingredients to offer a healthy and delicious selection of food. The lighting in this restaurant is a little on the dark side, and classical music is played. In such a mellow, quiet atmosphere, you can enjoy a calm dining experience.

Message from the owner

Our restaurant is located near the station, so it is very convenient and easy to find. We have a menu that lists seasonal foods and it changes every month. In this restaurant, we have hung some fashionable pictures, and you may enjoy looking at them. We prepare 3 kinds of banquet course, so please ask us for details without reservation. Please come and enjoy our restaurant.


Address: 674 Kamiyatyou, Takasegawasuzi shijyo agaru, Nakagyouku, Kyoto, Japan
Access: 5minutes walk from Hankyu Kyoto line Kawaramachi Station
Tel: 075-211-5055
Fax: 075-211-5316

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