Ramen in Saiin

November 25, 2019

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We are going to introduce three ramen shops around Saiin station in Kyoto. Saiin station is a station on the Hankyu Kyoto line, just four stops from Kawaramachi, which is downtown. There are so many places that we can enjoy eating, having fun, and being relaxed around Saiin. Among them, ramen shops are really vibrant, so a variety of people often visit these ramen shops. The three shops we want to recommend are “Toritani”, “Kirameki” and “Watanabe Seimen”. We decided to introduce these shops because they are very close to Saiin station, have strong features and are very popular.


Kirameki Chicken Heart

The Kirameki group, which is a noodle restaurant in a chain that is also listed in magazines, currently has 8 stores in Kyoto City. Kirameki is a homemade noodle of commitment, all the noodles are blended with Nagano prefecture-produced, stone-milled wheat flour “Yumemanten ” and they do not use alcohol, so the expiration date of the noodles is only 4 days. The chicken stock is cooked carefully for a long time, using thigh meat and chicken skin, as well as chicken bones.

Kirameki Chicken Heart

The standard dish is a rich noodle with soy sauce-based dish filled with thick, rice-based chicken and pork noodles. A popular dish is Taiwan’s Mazesoba (Soupless Noodle) “Naotaro” is a hot topic. This dish originates in a Taiwan restaurant, and is only served in Kirameki inside Japan. It seems that the o

rigin of this name came from the owner’s son’s name. Taiwan Mazesoba is a type of ramen from Nagoya. Taiwan Mazesoba, provided by the Kirameki group, was created under the supervision of Mr. Shinzane, the general manager of “Noodle Shop NANABI”, which was its origin. Minced leek, onions, chives, seaweed laver, fish meal, garlic and egg yolk are vividly served and followed by small rice at the end. The chicken rich soup is great and it has a mellow but slightly bitter taste. On the table is a seasoning for mild buckwheat so that you can add the seaoning to your noodles. Another feature is the r

ecommendation that you use a “paper apron” , which is prepared in the restaurant, without being disturbed, and not being shy. In addition, there is a point card in this restaurant. When you order a meal, you can get points. Customers get one stamp for every noodle dish they enjoy. Ten stamps is equal to one point. Your noodle dish is free at 3 points. You can get an Original T-shirt with 5 points, and a hoodie is 7 points. Such ingenuity is also a secret of popularity. Moreover, all Kirameki restaurants close occasionally so that the Kirameki group can have a conference, and discuss improving their food and service. The Kirameki group has become a hot topic every day in internet reviews and the media. They seem to have plans to open new stores in the future.


Kyotohu Kyotoshi Ukyo-ku Yamanouchi Naecyo 28



The appearance is refreshingly simple and much in the the Japanese style. Inside of the shop, there is a counter, and there is one table seat. You can wait inside the store. Instead of a ticket vending machine, order directly from a waiter. The menu is a simple thing of handwriting, and the noodles are classified roughly into 4 sections of rich, light, dipping noodles, fish and soups. Only rice items are prepared for a side menu. Popular rice, chicken and butter pork roll are dishes recommended by an employee. The toppings are loaded with three types of roasted pork fillet, green onion and radish sprouts, which are well colored. Roasted pork fillet is a dipping noodle dish of chicken meat and pork, chicken is two kinds of thigh and breast, pork is tender and rare leaving as it is a light taste. Slightly strong seasoning, but overall balance is good, when you finished eating, the soup is entangled with the noodle so much that the soup hardly remains. After eating you feel a satisfaction, like eating chicken dishes rather than noodles, None of the ingredients use additives and chemical seasonings, and noodles are homemade, so this is supported by a wide range of customers. Depending on the situation such as vegetables in season, the kind of noodle seems to change subtly from day by day. That information can be sent by SNS.

The place is the about 15 minutes on walk from Saiin Station, heading somewhat west from the intersection of Nishioji-Shijo. Also there is a coin parking lot on the west side in the immediate vicinity.

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Watanabe Seimen

Watanabe Seimen is a ramen shop in the back of Saiin Station. But their main menu is not ramen, but Tsukemen. Tsukemen are called dipping noodles overseas. There are three types of noodles, flat noodles, thick noodles, and medium thick noodles. To make the flat noodles, flour is blended with Canadian Western Red Spring and Domestic Wheat, as well as Prime Hard wheat from Australia. Furthermore, the noodles becomes elastic and chewy by kneading the dough with a vacuum mixer. By adding tapioca powder texture is further enriched. Thick noodles used medium wheat and Australian

Watanabe Seimen

medium flour. Because it removes the outer skin, there is a fragrance and a sweetness due to abundant minerals and protein. It is a recommended dish of the store. For medium thick noodles, cassava flour and tapioca powder are blended into the strong flour of Western Red Spring of Canada. This is also kneaded with a vacuum mixer, it is a multi-additive type noodle. Medium thick noodles are rarely used for Tsukemen, so you can enjoy the unique texture of Kansai.


There are four soups, which are seasoned soup, spicy meat, vegetable paste and curry taste. The seasoned soup is made of boiled fish with miso and yuzu (a type of Japanese citrus, similar to a lime) and blended spices. It has a dense and solid taste. Spicy meat soup uses minced pork stewed in Sichuan sauce. Spiciness and sweetness are blended, and you can taste a fine pungent taste. They use a vegetable stock made from six kinds of vegetables in vegetable paste soup. It has a balanced and mellow taste. Curry taste soup is blended with several kinds of curry powder and it has a mild sweet curry taste. In addition, recently shrimp flavored soup was added. There are a variety of autographs in the shops.


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