Rohm Company in Kyoto

November 25, 2019

June 6, 2019

by Yumika Ikeda and Ayuka Takashita

Have you ever heard of Rohm? Some people have already heard or known as the title of illumination. However, this is not true. The fact is the name of company which decorates the trees during the Christmas season by using products of Rohm company. Today the illumination of Rohm is very famous and ranked 14th among popular illuminations in Japan. We would like to write about Rohm company and the attractions of Rohm’s illuminations in this article.

History of Rohm Company

This Japanese company started in Kyoto in 1958. The company started as a small electronics component manufacturer and they made resisters. The company name is from the first letter of “Resister” and “ohm” which is a unit or measure of resistance. The general thickness of a resister is as thick as a pencil. It was called solid resister, but they challenged the thickness of lead. It was called miniature Resister. It made in Japan fastest all of the world, and solved problems which has existed. In 1966, they became the most developed company producing resisters. After that they have continued improving and researching, they invented high quality products. In 1971, they were the first Japanese company to appear in Silicon Valley. They are admired for those reliable products. They never stopped creating better products. Now, they have 10 companies in Japan, and over 68 companies overseas including Asia, Europe and America. They have thought music is very valuable, so joined and held about music festivals or concerts positively. In 1993, they held Kyoto International student festival. It has been held every year since then. After that, they have continued to support other music concerts and other music activities. In 2013, they donated money for a music hall named Kyoto hall. As a result, it was named Rohm Theater. That was rebuild after three years. They thought important things are not only development, but also considering about environment. As an eco-friendly action, they have cooperated with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and stated holding illumination in Kyoto in 1998. They have made efforts to be eco-friendly, they consequently could get a prize about eco-friendly in 2012.

Company’s events

They join events like exhibitions of their technology. An example is an event named ET & IOT Technology which is conducted in Yokohama on November, 14th to 16th, 2018. There are three sections; the section of IOT (Internet of Things), the section of power management and the section of their innovative products. The exhibits had many developed products for each section. At the same time, they gave presentation for some of their original or new products in detail. The events were attended by more than 7,000 people. This number has increased every year. They not only join those events but also holds seminars about electronic products for engineers or workers. They teach how to use microcomputers to beginner engineers, the knowledge about power electronics for designers of that. They teach various kinds of electronic products from the basics to application.

Rohm Theater

It opened in 1960 as Kyoto Hall but it closed because of deterioration. When it reopen newly in 2016, Rohm company bought the name. It hold traditional theatrical productions. For example, Nou (one of Kyoto takijinou) or art exhibitions. Also, musical performances like orchestral music are held. You can feel beautiful art.

The illumination of Rohm

As we said above, they started famous illumination called Rohm in 1998. The place is not so far from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies. It is popular for family or couples. They conduct not only the illuminations but also some events. You would be excited by some special events. There are four pleasant areas. First, the area of lawn, you can enjoy collaboration between light and music. Next, on the stage, university students who belong to a cappella club can sing with beautiful harmony, too. Second, the area in Nagura park, a magic door by operated circus member is set. When people open this door, a talkative person is there. Children can enjoy talking with this person. It’s one of the reasons why many families visit there. Third, the area on the opposite side of Nagura park, Ogawa coffee company sells sweets, hot coffee and soup. And last, in anywhere people have photos taken by professional cameraman for free. Furthermore, you can get the photos by downloading them from the site. Every year, those wonderful events and beautiful illuminations are fascinating a lot of people who visited there. It must be each people’s special memory.

Access and Operating Days

Rohm Theater Rohm is located diagonally opposite to the site of Kyoto Museum. There are three nearby stations. The closest station is Higashiyama station. If you take Tokai subway line, you get off Higashiyama station and go out 1 exit. Go to Sanjou street for east and turn left at Sanjoujingudou crossroads. Then, go straight and pass Otorii. Turn left along the side of Okazaki park, and you’ll see the Rohm Theater on the right hand side. It is open 365 days a year and the operating hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. The illumination of Rohm The entrance is the crossroads of Gojo street and Sai street. It’s located near Rohm company. You can go there by bus. The bus station is Nishiojihshijio bus stop. The bus is available from JR Kyoto, Kyoto Kintetsu line, Hankyu Saiin, Gionshijo and Shijo subway line. You can walk from Hankyu Nishikyogoku station or Hankyu Saiin station, it takes 15 minutes. It is held for about 1 month (it differs per year). In 2018, the operating days were November 22 to December 25, and operating time was 16:45 p.m. to 22:00 p.m.