Sizuya in Kyoto

November 25, 2019

There are a lot bakery shops in Japan. Especially in Kyoto, there are many bakery shops. “Sizuya” is the representative bakery shop in Kyoto. A lot of people who live in Kyoto are familiar with this bakery. We well profile the quality of “Sizuya”, the bread of “Sizuya” and the history of “Sizuya”. If you get more information about Sizuya you will surely go there and love it.

Quality of “Sizuya”

Good taste is the basis for making good bread, but Sizuya works on the principle that they are also “making a bread that is good for a body”. They always try to take care of “health, safety and support”. Because they want children to grow up health and safe.
So they take pride in these 3 qualities.

1. They don’t use a synthetic yeast.

Bread needs yeast in order to ferment and rise. This process, in turn, needs to feed the yeast. Some yeast products have many additives, for example bromine acid potassium, which has risks of carcinogenicity. However, Sizuya uses fermented barley extract, a contain lots of nutrients such as polyphenol and oligosaccharide.

2. BMP is combined in all bread.

BMP is base mix powder. Base mix powder is a natural product that consists of combined minerals (-malt and oxygen-) so the bread of Sizuya always contain lots of calcium. This has a high nutritional value.

3. Sizuya does not use refined salt, which has a chemical composition, but natural salt (akaho no amasio) in all their bread. Natural salt is unrefined salt that contains bitten and the bittern brings out the natural flavor of its ingredients.

As I explained, Sizuya works on making bread that is good for body. They make bread while bringing out the fresh, natural flavor of its ingredients. So Sizuya is loved by everyone in Kyoto, where they have can run their bakery for 60 years.

The bread of Sizuya

Sizuya is the representative bakery shop of the Kyoto. Especially, “carnet” and “beef cutlet sandwith” are popular items. These are called soul food. At first, I’ll introduce about “carnet”.

This is the “carnet.”
The carnet, a soft onion flavored roll, is the most popular food at Sizuya. There are some secret points that make it so delicious. The first point is the onion, which is very crisp and a little bitter. The crisp texture and mildly bitter flavor accent the bland taste of the roll. This onion is different of thickness in a season. It is important that a sense of crisp. It become too spicy if the onion is too thick. And more, bread become too wet if the water of onion. Onion of “carnet” is very important. Second point is the original margarine. This margarine having a mild taste. The seasoning of the “carnet” is only margarine. Therefore how to spread and quantity of margarine are decided in detailed. Third point is the bread. This bread is the French bread in the style of Germany. “Carnet” is originally “Kaisersemmel” of Germany. Therefore this “carnet” is very soft bread. And more, there are “carnet” that the flavor of pepper is popular, too.

Next, I’ll introduce about “beef cutlet sandwich.” This is the popular bread, too. There are some secret points that is delicious. First point is the sauce. This is the original and taste of salty-sweet. This sauce become accent of the taste. Second point is the taste of dear. This “beef cutlet sandwich” is just as that used to be. Third point is the toast. This toast is baked. It become crisp and a savory by baked. Fourth point is beef. It is used two-ply beef. The reason why is chewy. It is more have chewy by using two-ply beef. And more, it is important that how to fry. It become hard beef if the beef too fry. Therefore using a timer to take a time.

Next, I’ll introduce about the recommendation bread in this month. This bread is strawberry taste. In the bread, there is strawberry cream. And more, a taste of strawberry cracker is on the bread. The flavor of strawberry spread in the mouth.

The history of “Sizuya”

Sizuya is started by Makoto Hori in 1948. He started it for people in Kyoto, because he was born and raised in there. His business policy is “Take good care of deliciousness in Kyoto, Kawaramachi.” He wants them to eat delicious food, therefore Sizuya has many branches throughout the cities in Kyoto even other prefecture. He ran the firm under private as a bakery and a confectionary. After three years, he founded and made a start the joint-stock corporation, Sizuya. Do you know why he chose the name, Sizuya? Actually, he is a devoted husband. His wife’s name is Shizuko. Therefore he named Sizuya after his wife, Shizuko. Little by little, his business is headed in the right direction. A color television was presented to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the founding the Sizuya. In addition, he donated the shopping district in Kawaramachi and some associations to a contribution and an ornament. Because of the donations, he was officially commended by the Prime Minister. After that, Sizuya added branches steadily one by one. Now there are more than nineteen branches in Kyoto. Even if times are changing, Sizuya has been loved by many people. The reason is people his policy “Take good care of deliciousness in Kyoto, Kawaramachi.” from him all the time.

Sizuya has been loved for nearly 70 years not only by people who live in Kyoto Prefecture, but also tourists. The reason is they always have the founder’s policy “Take good care of deliciousness in Kyoto, Kawaramachi.” in their minds. In other words, Sizuya always thinks of consumers. Consequently, they have three qualities: They use a natural product to feed their yeast, BMP is combined in all their bread, they use only natural, rather than chemically enhanced salt. Moreover, they came up with various ideas to eat deliciously. For example, carnet is the most famous food in Sizuya. It uses onions, and they are particular about the onions.

You feel like going to Sizuya, don’t you?
If so, LET’S TRY IT!!