The Hidden Shrine of Fushimi Inari

July 21, 2015

by Ayaka Murai & Daichi Hatakeyama

Most visitors to Kyoto want to visit one of its most famous spots, Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine. Fushimi Shrine is known as the headquarters of all the Inari shrines nationwide. However, few people now about Kanriki Shrine, which is located deep within the grounds of Fushimi Shrine. It is slightly difficult to find for a person going there for the first time.

Kanriki Shrine

Kanriki Shrine

Kanriki Shrine was built in 1952. It is said that kanriki is an energy that “controls” the flow of time of the time and helps keep peace and harmony. There are a lot of people who seek the miraculous blessings of the god enshrined in Kanriki, Kanriki Ogamisama, for the well being of their family, the health of their body, and success in their business. They also pray success at school, the realization of their earnest wishes and the warding off of evil. We can pray at the shrine. A Shinto priest then takes a report of our wishes and prays to Kanriki Ogamisama in the worship hall on our behalf. Priests also pay visits to other locations for family festivals, monthly festivals and some grand festivals. They also visit cemeteries on occasion.

Attain Your Goal with a Daruma Doll

There are various sizes of “Daruma” dolls at Kanriki Shrine. Kanriki Shrine is very famous for its Daruma figures. Daruma was a monk most famous for the transmission of Buddhism from India to China and then later to Japan. He founded the Zen, or Chan (Chinese), sect of Buddhism in China after he mediated for 12 years in a cave. He meditated so long that it is said his legs fell off. That is why the Daruma dolls in Japan have no legs and are round on the bottom.

People get Daurma dolls when they want to fulfil a specific goall. At first, they write the characters for kanriki—間力— with a writing brush in the center of the Daruma’s body. A Daruma has no pupils in his eyes— at first. To make a wish you first paint a pupil in one of the Daruma’s eyes while praying. After fulfilling your wish, you paint a pupil into the other eye, completing the face of the Daruma. This unique Daruma called Kanriki Daruma. So, there are many people who want to get one.

Appealing to the God of Ball Games

Recently a “god of a ball games” was enshrined at the shrine. The god grants profit in every kind of ball game available to us. Therefore many venerate it and even professional baseball players come to pray to this god. People can also receive power by touching a precious stone there.

Kanriki Shrine has a long history, and many believers and worshipers are supporting it. If there is a chance you will visit Fushimi Inari when you come to Kyoto, you can also visit Kanriki Shrine. Pray and get power from Kanriki Ogamisama.


There are two ways to get there by train. One is that you get off at Inari Station of the JR-Nara Line, and walk for about 6 minutes. The second is to get off at Fushimi Inari Station of the Keihan Line, and walk for about 10 minutes. You can see a pond named Osanba-ike when you walk a while. The shrine is located on the north side of the pond. But, the shrine has a car park (5 cars), so it is also possible to go by car.


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