Three Kyoto Funspots

April 14, 2008

by Hiroki Koizumi; Mika Onishi; Aya Kataoka
Most Japanese teenagers collect “Print Club” photographs, which are seals with pictures of themselves and their friends, their favorite pictures frames, backgrounds and own original message. They are similar to photos taken at photo-booth machines, but are much more fun and full of variety. Therefore they are very popular among young people. Print Club seals can be a good souvenir of Japan for foreign visitors too, especially those that show tourist attractions like temples or shrines in their backgrounds.

“Print Club” is called “purikura” in Japanese. It is an abbreviation of PRInt CLUb. This phenomenon has become a feature of modern popular Japanese culture. Young females especially like to have purikura taken. Many young people exchange prikura seals to widen their circle of friends. The purikura machines also allow them to write their our own messages on the pictures, perhaps something like their name, the date, or what they did that day. A lot of Japanese girls have a notebook of purikura pictures and use it as a picture journal. Recently, many kinds of very up-to-date purikura machines have come out. These new machines photograph faces much sharper than the older machines used to.

There is procedure for how to take purikura.

Although there are many kinds of machines, most of them are used in a similar way. Take this machine for instance:

1. Put your coins into the slot. The most expensive machines cost 400 yen.
Once you put the coins in, the machine will be activated.

2. Touch the screen and then you can choose the mode for taking your snapshot. For example, a random shot or your own favorite frame shot. It might be more fun to choose your own favorite frame.

3. On this machine, you can choose the picture frame by yourself by touching the circle on the right.
Most machines have this circle mark on the right side.
4. Choose the brightness. All machines use the center circle for brightness. The left circle is chosen when you want to make tan skin look more milky. Choosing the center circle is safe!
5. Choose the frame or background color. On this machine you can choose from three kinds. There is a time limit, so don’t take too long.
6. At last, you can take the snapshot: Look at the camera and pose!
7. Choose which photos you want to print out by touching the screen. Most machines allow you to choose up to six photos.

8. Next go to the corner where you can add graffiti to your photos.
Please just follow the guidance on the screen.

9. Next, you will see this screen. If you have a Japanese mobile phone, you can send a photo you have chosen by touching the top circle.

10. You can draw your own graffiti on the photos with a pen. There are many kinds of pens and thicknesses to choose from.

11. You have to choose the size and numbers of photos.Then, if you want to send on image to your mobile phone, choose which photo to send and input the address.

12. One minute later, your purikura photographs will finally come out from a slot on the side of the machine.

Purikura machines are everywhere, but they are especially common in game centers.MOVIX in Kyoto
by Aya Kataoka

Most Japanese people are working hard and have stresses.
Most Japanese people want to get away from the stress of city life.
Most Japanese people sometimes have negative feelings.
But movies make people happy.
Movies can move our hearts and minds.
If you have stress, you should go to see a movie.
MOVIX big is a nationwide chain of cinema complexes. The MOVIX complex in Kyoto has 2563 seats in 12 theaters. These theaters also have the latest technology and are barrier-free so that anyone can see movies comfortably. If you follow these steps, you can enjoy watching movies at MOVIX.First, please go to ticket counter and get your seats.
Once you buy your ticket, you can’t get a refund or change your seat, so take care when you buy your tickets.




College/High school:


Junior high/Elementary school/3 years old~:


60 years old~:


Disabled person including only two attendants are:

¥1000 each

Late show after 8pm~:


First day of the month:


Ladies day (every Wednesday):

To get a discount, please show your ID card if…

① you are a married couple and one of you is 50 or older
② in a group of three or more high school students
These tickets are ¥1000 each.
Second, please tell the ticket clerk what movie you want to see and also what time you want to see it.Next you can decide your seat.After that, you can buy refreshments. There are many kinds of food on the


French fries, hot dogs, popcorn,juice.
Caramel popcorn is very tasty.
You can bring food into theater if you buy it at the food counter in MOVIX.

Next you must check your seat number and enter in theater about five minutes before the film begins because the theater will gradually become dark. And please remember to turn off your mobile phone.In addition, you shouldn’t throw away your ticket, because if you want to go to toilet you will need it to re-enter.So please keep ticket until the end of the movie.
After the movie you can dispose of your litter. There are some trash boxes just outside the entrance.

Then if you need souvenirs such as movie pamphlets, you can buy them at the MOVIX store.
Finally, there is no parking so you should come by bus or subway.

As you can see, if you pay attention to these things you can enjoy seeing movies at MOVIX.
The Chronicles of Narnia, Symphony of Miracle, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and many other movies are now showing.

京菜酒膳 ふう (Kyoto Vegetable Restaurant Fuu)
by Hiroki KoizumiKyoto city has many sightseeing spots, and the Kamogawa River is one of the most famous. Kyoto Vegetable Restaurant Fuu is located beside the Kamogawa River, and near the Sanjou Bridge in central Kyoto, so people can enjoy eating dinner while overlooking the beautiful night view of this river from their tables. The number of seats in the restaurant is 88, so many people can relax and enjoy eating here.Most of the food on the menu at Fuu is Japanese. There are more than one hundred different dishes including sashimi, bonito, bream, fries, duck, pork, beef, gratin, steak, and salad that is made with kyouyasai, and so on.Kyouyasai are vegetables that are especially grown in the Kyoto area. Kyoto is far from the sea, so getting fish and shellfish was difficult for people who lived in Kyoto in the old days. So they started to cultivate some vegetables like Japanese radish (daikon), eggplant (nasu), and green pepper (piman). These vegetables have been improved through careful cultivation over the years so that their food value is higher than that of ordinary vegetables. Of course, their taste is excellent, and these vegetables are used in other restaurant dishes as well.In addition, there are wine sommeliers (wine stewards) on call, and they will introduce the most appropriate wines for the season and the dishes to guests. Of course, other drinks, such as beer, cocktails, ume (plum) wine, and Japanese sake’ are available. Clearly, the menu has great variety, but if people who don’t drink alcohol come, it is not a problem because they can enjoy the mood and the dishes in this restaurant.The average of cost of a meal at Fuu is about 3,300 yen, which is very reasonable for people who come to Kyoto for sightseeing. Another appeal of this restaurant is its hours: it is open from 5:00 pm to 5:00 am, so guests don’t need to worry about time or going to the next restaurant. In this restaurant, families, couples, or single sightseers can enjoy dining before the panorama of Kamogawa River in every season.

____________○___________________________________ Hanamikouji Street
X ↑ Keihan Sanjyou Station
X  ← Sanjou Bridge (Kamogawa River)
| ◎ ← LAWSON 2nd Floor(京菜酒膳 ふう)
| Kiyamachi Street
| Sanjyou Street
_________| ______________________________________
| Kawaramachi Street

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